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TOMS Shoes question!?

super cute shoes!

i just dont really get what the statistics are based on. i dont understand this: features statistics about the inhabitants of the world as a village.

can someone please explain that to me in different words?

thanks most helpful gets best answer!

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    First off, those ARE some pretty ballin' shoes and you should totally get them :)

    Next, the 'statistics about inhabitants of the world as a village': I think they're just facts about poverty in the world, but comapre the world to a village (kind of shrinking it down to a more understandable level) I don't own the shoes personally, but from what I can read from the picture, the shoes say (among other things), "40 have no shoes."

    So, I think this is just giving you a percentage of some of the world's poverty problems, on a more understandable scale.

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    youre right, these are very cute shoes!

    so basically, all the words on here are facts about the people in the world. specifically, they target the less fortunate, for example, one of the facts that i can read from the shoe is 'some amount of people in the world live off of less than $2 a day'. these shoes are a collection of facts he's turned into evidence about poverty and suffering in the world. and to make it better, he's put them on shoes. hope this helps and hope you get those shoes!(:

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    The shoe has facts on it about children that dont have shoes,basically.

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