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Name your best starting MLB baseball lineup?

First Base, Second base, shortstop, third base, LF, RF, CF, Catcher, Designated Hitter

5 Starting pitchers and one closing pitcher.

Rules: All players have to be in the major leagues right not. No Babe Ruths or Nolan Ryans.

Team that I thinks is the best wins the points.


Here's mine

1B Justin Morneau

C Mauer

2B Dustin Pedroia

SS Hanley Ramirez

3B Adrian Beltre

LF Andre Ethier

CF Jacoby Ellsbury

RF Ichiro

DH Vlad Guerrerro

1. Roy Halladay

2. Ubaldo Jimenez

3. Wainwright

4. Tim lincecum

5. Jon Lester

CP Jose Valverde

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    C: Joe Maurer

    1B: Albert Pujols

    2B: Robinson Cano

    3B: Evan Longroia

    SS: Troy Tulowitski

    LF: Carl Crawford

    RF: Josh Hamilton

    CF: Vernon Wells

    DH: Vladimir Gurrero

    SP: Tim Linceum

    SP: Roy Halladay

    SP: Justin Verlander

    SP: Ubablo Jimenez

    SP: Felix Hernandez

    CP: Mariano Rivera (or Trevor Hoffman)

    I know this is pretty typical but hey, if I had the choie, this is my lineup to win games.

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    RF Ichiro

    SS Hanley Ramirez

    1B Albert Pujols

    DH Ryan Howard

    3B David Wright

    LF Matt Holliday

    C Joe Mauer

    2B Dustin Pedroia

    CF Austin Jackson

    1) Tim Lincecum

    2) Roy Halladay

    3) Johan Santana

    4) Chris Carpenter

    5) Ubaldo Jimenez

    CP Mo

    fyi ethier doesn't play left

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1B- Albert Pujols

    2B- Chase Utley

    SS-Hanley Ramirez

    3B- Alex Rodiguez

    LF- Ryan Braun

    CF- Carlos Gonzalez

    RF- Matt Kemp

    DH- Vlad Guerrero

    1. Ubaldo Jimenez

    2. Roy Halladay

    3. Chris Carpenter

    4. Tim Lincecum

    5. Adam Wainwright

    CP- Mariano Rivera

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    RF- Ichiro

    2B -Robinson Cano

    C -Joe Mauer

    1B- Justin Morneau

    3B- Evan Longoria

    SS Hanley Ramirez

    LF Andre Ethier

    CF- Austin Jackson


    1. Ubaldo Jimenez

    2. David Price

    3. Tim Lincecum

    4. Cliff Lee

    5. Clay Buchholz

    CP- Mariano Rivera

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    C: Joe Mauer

    1B: Albert Pujols

    2B: Robinson Cano

    3B: Ryan Zimmerman

    SS: Derek Jeter

    LF: Matt Holiday

    CF: Austin Jackson

    RF: Ichiro Suzuki

    SP: Ubaldo Jimenez

    SP: Roy Halladay

    SP: Chris Carpenter

    SP: Adam Wainwright

    SP: Matt Cain

    CP: Mariano Rivera

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    Ethier is a RFbtw

    C: Joe Mauer

    1B: Miguel Cabrera / Justin Morneau

    2B: Robinson Cano / Chase Utley

    SS: Hanley Ramirez / Troy Tulowitski

    3B: Evan Longoria / Alex Rodriguez

    LF: Ryan Braun / Carl Crawford

    CF: Grady Sizemore (2 years ago) / Josh Hamilton

    RF: Justin Upton / Ichiro Suzuki

    DH: Vladimir Guerrero / Hideki Matsui

    SP: Roy Halladay

    SP: Adam Wainwright

    SP: Felix Hernandez

    SP: David Price

    SP: CC Sabathia

    RP: Mariano Rivera

    RP: Jose Valverde

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    1B Miguel Cabrera

    2B Robinson Cano

    3B Evan Longoria

    SS Jose Reyes

    C Yadier Molina

    LF Carl Crawford

    CF Ryan Braun

    RF Ichiro Suzuki

    DH Vladimir Guerrero

    SP Ubaldo Jimenez

    SP David Price

    SP Roy Halladay

    SP Phil Hughes

    SP Jaime Garcia

    CL Mariano Rivera

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    CF- Shane Victorino

    2B- Chase Utley

    SS- Jimmy Rollins

    1B- Ryan Howard

    3B- Placido Polanco

    RF- Jayson Werth

    DH- Ben Francisco

    LF- Raul Ibanez

    C- Carlos Ruiz


    1. Roy Halladay

    2. Cole Hamels

    3. Kyle Kendrick

    4. Jamie Moyer

    5. J.C. Romero

    CLOSING PITCHER: Jose Contreras

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    1B- Pujols

    C- Mauer

    2B- Utley

    SS- Bartlett

    3B- Longoria

    LF- Crawford

    CF- Hunter

    RF- Ichiro

    DH- Guerrero

    1- Lincecum

    2- Halladay

    3- Price

    4- Jimenez

    5- Wainwright

    CP- Soriano!!

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    1B- Morneau







    DH-Miguel Carbrera

    1. Jimenez

    2. Halladay

    3. Price

    4. Wainwright

    5. Strasburg (haha)

    CL- Bell

    Source(s): me
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