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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareAdd-ons · 10 years ago

Will these graphic cards and psu fit my Low profile case computer?

Hi, I own an aspire low profile case computer

and i would like to upgrade it's graphic card and psu.

For graphic card, i'm thinking of:


For psu:

I don't know if it fits my computer case.

Do you have better suggestions?

Thank you very much!

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  • 10 years ago
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    ok u should happy u have found me ive been through this once that psu will probably not fit in a low profile case that is a regular size psu and ur case probably uses a small long striped psu(open it up and look) also that is a bad deal on a psu i would recommend at-least a 500 watt psu and which u can find cheaper then that 400 watt psu...try for your computer needs their better faster easier and cheaper(way cheaper on shipping) another negative would be its hard to find a good psu that is a skinny strip...the best thing you could do is just buy a new case with a good psu(this should be no more then 60 bucks if u get a bundle of a 500 watt psu and a case) and as for your g-card i would would have to know the exact case but i belive i probably wouldnt work and if it did it would buget...

    this is the kind of psu the case u have now uses

    Source(s): personal expirance
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  • 3 years ago

    No. before everything, it is an entire-height card and the case purely accepts low-profile playing cards. next, the PSU isn't reliable adequate (you may no longer run something greater effective than a Radeon HD 6450 or GeForce GT 520 with that) additionally, 2GB on a Radeon HD 6670 is not sensible, the cardboard isn't useful adequate to hire greater beneficial than 1GB (it is not rapid adequate to handle resolutions the place 2GB could make a distinction). For gaming, you will want a typical ATX mid-tower case that accepts time-honored ATX ability aspects and finished-height playing cards.

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