I have been told that it's "despicable" that I am answering in Turkish Travel.

I had a similar re-action back in March when I was a little active here then.

Surely on a PERSONAL, one-to-one level there should be no barriers regarding friendship.

Personally, I cannot reject friendship because of race or creed and among my personal

friends are people from all nationalities including black, white and gays.



@ Strawberries fields forever

I am a Cypriot born in Cyprus,

Try doing what I do...

Look beyond the horizon!

Update 2:

@ Jade

Thank you my dear friend you have always been supportive...x

This friendship is a fine example of how differences can be overcome.

Jade and I did not start off on the right foot, so-to-speak...

but we were able to see beyond politics and now have a very valuable friendship.

Update 3:


@ εClεCtiC

I agree that " Life is very short" we are here today and gone tomorrow...

It would be a shame not to leave behind at least one small step toward peace

Update 4:


@ bLazE,

Thank you for answering and...

Yes, I am "the right side of the road" and I know it's not a one way street

Update 5:


@ ♥ Barış Awareness♥

You are so right about choosing friends wisely,

and I know that I have made one or two blunders in the past.

Update 6:


@ iph,

It's the second time you have used this expression and I love it:

"he can't cover the sun with mud"

Update 7:


@ Marvin & francis s,

Yes...on a personal level anything IS possible

Update 8:


@ Kimon, Vasiliki ♥ is in love ♥ & Zoi,

Thank you for just being

Update 9:


@ Jade,


Update 10:



I am going to close this question now

and would like to leave you with the

following Nelson Mandela quotes...

I detest racialism, because I regard it as

a barbaric thing, whether it comes from

a black man or a white man...

If you want to make peace with your

enemy, you have to work with your

enemy. Then he becomes your partner...

It always seems impossible until its done

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I do not think it is that simple, I mean I don't think its

    solely a "Greek" issue. People who were raised in healthy non hatred

    environments certainly would not feel you are despicable

    for befriending those who truly deserve your friendship,

    Greek, Armenian, Kurd, Chinese, Turk etc; it makes no

    difference really...

    The only responsibility you have is to yourself, and that is to act

    responsible when choosing your friends, hopefully

    you choose them wisely, and that means your looking into their

    hearts making sure they are worthy

    first of your friendship. Because your friends if truly your friends

    would never judge you in this way, thus you would

    not be experiencing this kind of discord from those

    you care about..

    Just accepting anyone as your friend based solely on

    variety of religion, race, or creed, just to be able to

    say "hey look I am no racist" is not worth one iota

    of admiration, but your being able to not seeing ones

    race etc; when forming friendships is.

    Try not to confuse the two..

    How is it will you know if their favorite past time

    is not running over little kittens in the street?

    Ones race can not define ones heart, mind, so it just

    is not so easy on a personal level to not have

    barriers... Just because I am Armenian does not make

    me a good person...

    If just anyone could have your friendship then what worth

    can there be in having it?

    BTW- Ever since I added you to

    my contacts Pandora, I have had such a nice variety

    of questions to look forward everyday to answer.

    And that ain't easy to do my friend, I mean keeping me interested that is....;)

    Keep up the good work darling!

  • 6 years ago

    I don't care religion first of all.But it doesn't mean i will be a silly hippi that would forget who is friend ,who is the enemy .I know the history .Our dispute with Greeks is not religious or racial.

    It is national .

    it doesn't mean i will be rude to Greek people when i meet them , but there are 6 million other options in this world to be friend .I m not going to hug my annoying neighbore ...Peace is fine and enough ..Let's keep the barriers, no need to be close.

  • Zoi
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I live in a region with many Turks and Pomaks and I have to say that there are some really rare persons among them.

    Talking always about a PERSONAL LEVEL, Greeks and Turks have what we say 'filotimo' in greek (=doing a good act just for the sake of it and not for profit), something that you won't find in Bulgarians and others. Greeks and Turks usually get along VERY WELL on a personal level and I've seen some great co-operations where I live.

    About the person who told you that your action is despicable, probably he viewed it as a 'treason', he probably wants you to come back and trys to 'persuade' you the wrong way. :D

    I don't believe that political actions are an 'empty letter' without meaning, plain people most of the times are those who accomplish certain actions planned by their politicians, on the other hand it is very possible that not everyone agrees with certain politicies by certain groups of interests.

    It is difficult for me, to be honest, to befriend with someone who claims that Dodecanese is close to Turkey, thus it should be Turkish (because this belief annuls my right to exist in my own space, certified by international Treaties like everyone else's space). But believes again is a personal matter.

    About the barriers, I would say 'Don't worry'. Searching for love and friendship from anywhere you can get it, is not a crime.

  • 1 decade ago

    As long as people don't get themselves stuck in the barriers, no there is not.

    I think the word despicable is more appropriate when its used against how that disastrous oil spill ruined our delicate ecosystem 57 days ago. Surely, Turks and Greeks did not share the most delightful past together. Life is very short and spreading hate is not going to make it longer. Besides who would have the benefit of that other than total loss for both nations. Hate has never been the solution of a problem, nor will ever be. There are many other problems in our daily life rather than spending our time hating each other.

    Turkey and Greece have to concentrate on common things and work on their differences, after all they share one of the most beautiful coastlines of the world, why not enjoy and cherish the beauty of it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Surely on a PERSONAL, one-to-one level there should be no barriers regarding friendship."

    Your right on that. I don't understand what one nations political views has to do with some random guys friendship with another... But hey, thats the way they've kept two nations at each others throths all this time, I doubt they'll ever quite it.

  • bLazE
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    between narrow-minded people, yeah likely. but not between educated people with common sense.

    personally i don't and can't hate anyone without knowing them first, regardless of their race, ethnicity or nationality. they have to give me a good reason first. same goes with greek people. if anything, they're even easier to like since the two cultures have been close with each other for centuries. that means people thinking alike, enjoying similar things as a result of this relation.

    events of the past, the wars, and the political conflicts up to now doesn't make this a fault of the people and doesn't mean that it reflects the thoughts and ideas in the individual level.

    about the negative feedback you received from your countrymen.. well i'm not really sure if the same thing happens in Turkish section since i haven't answered much in Greek Travel but for some reason, i don't think it's the same on this side of the fence. but as you know, half of the posts here are coming from trolls who hate us and dedicate their lives, or actually "waste" to put it better, to try and make Turkey look bad. We know that some of these clowns are also active in the Greek section.

    anyways, long story short i totally agree with you on this. i'd befriend a Greek any day of the week and i know there are many Greeks like you who are on the same page. There's always gonna be haters, fanatics, extremists whatever may be, i think you're on the right side of the road and it's them, not you, who should be rethinking their actions.

  • 1 decade ago

    Political problems are .... political !And this is the onle ''barrier''. If you put it aside, then I don't find anything that should ''stop'' us being friends.

    I have no reason to fight with Turkish people in a personal level.

    I can talk with them, as I can talk to a Greek, American,Italian,Australia, etc.

    Personally, I have many Turkish friends, not only in YA, but also in real life.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    who would tell such a thing?

    to whom this area is limited anyway?? if a greek told you this, i really dont know which mentality made him speak like that...

    even worthless mediocre idea owners, provocateurs and trolls are participating regularly. the ones who really have no business here.

    but you HAVE a business here before anyone else.

    again i say

    he can't cover the sun with mud.

  • 1 decade ago

    as a Greek girlfriend of mine Irene once said, the problems are only between the politicians.

  • Kimon
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    As a Turkish speaking Greek, living in an area with strong Turkish minority, and traveling often (to the point I know the border guards from both sides by name) to Turkey, I can tell you this:

    Greeks and Turks are like two grains of rice... you have to use a microscope to see differences if any.

    There are no barriers save prejudice and stupidity. And I have seen them both from both sides of the border. But that is the exception. Most Turks are kind, polite, generous and fun people to be with.

    Now on a national level, well.... there are issues to be solved and a lot of animosity, but hey... what this has to do with me and Rustu or Aysen?

  • JADE
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I personally love your unique answers all over YA:)). Your participation in any section is precious. Unfortunately some people got stuck in the past badly so they can't move on. I believe any civilized person would get along perfectly with others, I can't see any problem.

    @PANDORA - Thanks for giving me the privilege of becoming your friend...LOL:)))

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