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Can a Jehovah's Witness own a gun? Can they hunt? Can they kill in self defense?


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    As a Witness in good standing, and to completely deny the fabrication of one post:

    Yes, yes and no.

    Yes, we can own a gun, SPECIFICALLY for hunting.

    So, yes. We can hunt. I've had some great venison bagged by some of my spiritual brothers.

    No, we cannot kill in self-defense. If a death occurs by accident as a result of an action we've taken, then it is up to our individual consciences as to what level we let it affect us. Jehovah is the Ultimate Forgiver and it is to him alone we are answerable to for forgiveness. We are also liable to the secular authorities of the land.

    Our goal would be to disarm or disable in a life-or-death situation, enough so that we have the opportunity to flee. We can knock a man unconscious, as some have, but we cannot beat that man once he IS unconscious. We have ex-Special Ops, ex-Marines, ex-Mafia... basically, the gamut... of people who are now Witnesses and who follow the Prince of Peace. They have enough blood on their hands and have NO desire to shed more.

    And they will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and the ones they love, short of killing and maiming.

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    The Bible is clear that self defense is perfectly acceptable to God as long as it absolutely necessary. That being said your reasoning is weak. If you were describing a military that guarded the borders and retaliated with whatever means were necessary, your reasoning would be sound. You, however, are talking about an army that is sent somewhere else to kill. The United States invaded Iraq, not the other way around. And that is exactly why I could never in good conciense join the military. A soldier is put into positions where they will inevitably be forced to defend themselves. I don't blame the soldiers for what they have to do. The leaders (not just in this country) are the ones ordering that murders be committed. I for one, refuse to take orders that will require me to take someone else's life.

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    Jehovah’s Witnesses can own guns and many do hunt. While some Witnesses choose to be pacifists they are not doctrinally pacifists since they can defend themselves if attacked–depending on the circumstances. However, Witnesses will NEVER resort to purposely killing a human even in self-defense. Their only aim is to escape or stop the attack so we would never use a gun in self-defense. For that reason most witnesses do not own guns unless they are hunters or ranchers.

    If an attacker dies as a result of our defending ourselves we would not be considered blood-guilty because our intent was not to kill.

    Even when it comes to hunting, Witnesses do not just hunt for personal enjoyment. We respect the life of animals and it would be wrong to kill things without need.



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    Own a gun= frowned upon unless you live on a farm and/or hunt your own food.

    Hunt= see above question. Hunting is frowned upon unless it is solely for finding food and it is seen as a wast of time if you live where meat is found in your local grocery store or butcher shop.

    Kill in self defense= GRAY AREA. Frowned upon as we are taught to "turn the other cheek" but the knowledge that it is sheer natural reaction to defend yourself to the death so they cannot really say anything unless it happens. (Then it is gauged as to how it affects the local community if the perosn should be punished or not.)

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    Yes and no. Yes legally no from the religious point of view. JWs are pacifists they believe in turning the other cheek and only respect their own theocracy as the ruling power and will not represent the nation they live in an any military action nor do they vote or run for political office. Hundreds were imprisoned here in the USA for taking the stance and hundreds sent to the gas chambers along with the Jews in Germany during WWII. A few that l know that are farmers do hunt, and most do eat meat, some are vegetarian but the only clear rule they have is not taking the life of another human being.

    They are still considered a cult and their origins were very much involved in religious fraud still to this day. Currently they are caught up in this 2012 end times BS and have repeatedly called for the end of the world since 1835, 1912-14, 1935, 1944, 1975 and now 2012. False prophecy is their specialty.

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    In the USA, this would be covered by your Constitutional ban regarding making any law in respect of religion.

    In Canada, it would be covered by any number of old documents which nobody bothers to read, such as the Bill of Rights of 1689 and the Canadian Bill of Rights of 1960.

    So the answer is a definite 'yes' to all three of your questions. I know Witnesses who hunt and who own guns, but I am in Canada. In Canada, you are supposed to dial 911 before you die: doing ANYTHING in self-defence is considered anti-social here, which is why we have so many strung-out dope-addicted violent hoodlums in a couple of our cities. Fortunately for the rest of us, they are thinning each other out these days, accounting annually for something like half of the murders in the whole country. The Government uses the statistics thus generated to prove that people who are NOT strung-out dope-addicted violent hoodlums should not be allowed access to firearms. It doesn't make sense but then, in Canada, it doesn't have to make sense: it need only be Government Policy.

    As to what the Church itself might think, that well could be another matter. I am not a Witness myself and rarely attend any church, so I can't help you there.

    Hope this is of some help.


    Source(s): Newell, WHY are you blocked? There ARE people here who aren't against you, ones who don't CARE about your personal life, that just like to shoot.
  • Depends. I used to work with a Jehovah's Witness that passed around the hat for beer.

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    Yes, we can own a gun......if our purpose is to hunt in order to provide food for ourselves or our families.

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