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Nice romantic city/town outside of Paris for 7 days?

i'm going to be spending 7 days in August in france with my fiancee and am looking for a town or city in France that is romantic, where there are nice things to do like museums, nearby wine tours, castles, horse riding, good cheese and great food (especially seafood), bike riding in the city and from town to town, going for picnics etc..

can anyone give some advice, share their experience, and possibly also send links ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would have suggested the Cote Basque (southwest) but there are not a lot of museums. You can do horse or bike riding, eat good foo as everywhere in france, there are castles... There are 3 major towns which are not huge cities : Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz and Bayonne. And then there are a lot of little villages which are very cute like Espelette (french capital of pimento), Ainhoa, Anglet...

    The whether is very nice in summer, the water temperature very goo and it's a beautiful region.

    Nevertheless, you have to know that during the first week of august, there are the Fêtes de Bayonnes which attract a looooot of people from everywhere in france, it's kind of a week of a big party in the entire city with traditional songs, shows, ....

    have a look to this website :

    There is also Bordeaux and around. Museums in the city center and around , wine tours (léognan, pessac, cestas), castles in the region, horse riding not in the city center but in towns around like in Andernos, Arcachon (horse riding on the beach^^), then you can rent a bike in the town and visit besides taking the tramway, you could also go a day or two in the Bassin D'Arcachon (40 min from Bordeaux by the highway).

    Bordeaux is a UNESCO city, the architecture is very interesting, it's a clean and safe city !

    There are a lot of Restaurants Gastronomiques, wines of course.

    If you want to relax an just do bike riding or horse riding, maybe visit one or two museums and an aquarium, not sure about the wine tours but you should go on the Ile de Ré. It's a beautiful little island where you can o everything by bike, still in the southwest, beautiful whether....

    I'm from bordeaux so i can only advice you on what you can do in the south west, places where i've been... !

    hopr you'll enjoy your trip !

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well if you want wineyards and seafood, the choice is quite limited...

    As already said, I would recommand La Rochelle city and the Ile de Ré. La Rochelle is a beautiful town, with old castle, with plenty of restaurant along the marina and some museums. 2 days there are far than enough to see everything and enjoying the nice sites around with your bike...

    Bordeaux is a very nice city, far bigger than la Rochelle, not a lot to do around culture, but a nice atmosphere and a lot of shops... And it is surrounded by a lot of wineyard and nice village (St Emilion, known to be one of the most beautiful village in France...)

    Another choice, if you like sun and heat, is Collioure... this little city at the feet of the mountains is along the mediteranean sea at the French / Spanish border... The two local red wine are great, the site is awesome, you can easily plan hiking or horse riding along the shore, between the olive trees... you will also fine nice painting galleries, seafood (especially fishes), and if you cross the border and reach spain, you will find some nice white village (Cadaques for example) along the blue sea... One of my fave place ever... but unfortunately is often overcrowded in summer :(...

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  • 4 years ago

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