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How can I continue to abuse alcohol without doing further damage to my liver?

So I was hospitalized last week with pancreatitis and diabetic ketoacidosis after collapsing at my sister's wedding reception. Anyway, the doctors ran some tests and it turns out that I have elevated liver enzymes and show signs of advanced liver disease.

The doctor advised that I quit drinking and even referred me to several addiction treatment facilities. The thing is, not drinking isn't an option. Drinking to excess is a very important part of my lifestyle and my professional image. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a safer way to drink? Are there any multivitamins or herbal supplements I can take to lessen the damaging effects of alcohol on my liver?

Drinking is very important to me and if it comes down to it I'll choose drinking over my own health and well-being. I just hope it doesn't have to come to that.

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    The graveyards are full of people who thought "not drinking isn't an option." If you already have liver disease and choose to continue drinking, the only result of that is death. How will death affect your lifestyle and professional image. Then everyone can say "It's too bad he drank himself to death." It's a good thing to leave for your obituary. I'm sure your family is going to be really proud of you.

    You made you choice to continue to drink no matter what. I might mention that dying of liver disease is not an easy way to go. It's somewhat slow depending on a number of factors and there is quite a bit of suffering you will have to endure before it is over. Expect more hospital visits. Expect a lot of bleeding problems. Expect being so tired you cannot get up. Expect being so filled with fluid that you routinely have to go to the hospital and get poked with a huge needle to drain it off your chest and abdomen so you can breath right. Are we having fun yet? I could go on and on, but I don't want to spoil all the surprises for you. Wait till the brain confusion kicks in. Ah, here I go, giving it all away. I left out some so you can find out for yourself.

    Enjoy your drink.

    Source(s): liver transplant recipient and nurse
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    First of all get a girlfriend, that extra responsibility of having someone that needs you to be healthy really helped me.

    Next limit yourself to twice a week and stick to it. Moderation is boring and quitting is the same. Set yourself a realistic goal. For me twice a week was perfect. I love not having hangovers so much that I think I might drink even less often soon.

    Supplements should include a multi vitamin, but a vitamin B supplement is a good idea too if you aren't eating the right foods. Milk thistle helps your body retain glutathione which is a healthy liver enzyme or something. I also take glutathione once a day when drinking. There are other things that can help like turmeric (I make it into a tea with ginger, sugar and lemon which slows inflamation of the liver).

    Also just be aware of having a healthy diet, teas are good, veg is great and eating lots when drinking is excellent.

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    My father is dying right now of advanced liver disease due to alcoholism. His abdomen and legs are grossly swollen and he gets confused. Eyes and skin are yellow. He cannot eat or move much and will likely soon be entering a coma. My uncle, also alcoholic, developed congestive heart failure in his 30s due to alcoholism and a sedentary lifestyle. He now has a pacemaker and continues to drink. He also lives alone in a filthy house watching TV all day. If I had to write about all the lives, careers and familys around me ruined by drinking, I would be here all day. Overuse of alcohol will never turn out well. As alcoholics we wishfully think that we are different from all the others. We absolutely are not. Peace to you my friend and I hope you get what you are looking for.

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    There is only one supplement proven in animal studies to protect the liver from excess alcohol...

    It's called PPC (polyenylphosphatidylcholine), Brand names: PhosChol, HepatoPro, and Essentiale Forte.

    "A baboon study (Lieber CS et al., 1994) confirmed earlier results (Lieber CS et al., 1990) showing that in the baboon, feeding of ethanol results in hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis even when associated with an adequate diet. This effect could be prevented by supplementing the diet with a 94-96% pure PPC preparation. None of the eight animals fed alcohol with PPC for up to 6.5 years had progression to fibrosis or cirrhosis as had 10 of 12 unsupplemented baboons, a highly significant difference. Another study (Ma X et al., 1996) revealed that PPC reduces hepatic fibrosis induced by either carbon tetrachloride or human albumin in rats, and that PPC not only prevents the development of fibrosis but accelerates the regression of pre-existing fibrosis. The study further suggested that the protective effect exerted by PPC against fibrosis is due, at least in part to increased collagen breakdown."

    Moderation is not a fate worse than death... Give it a try and you'll see!

    Good Luck and GodSpeed to you.

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    Alcohol is a double edged gives and it takes away

    To my knowledge there is not anything to stop or reverse the damage..stopping now may be the only way your liver can survive. It cannot heal itself but more damage might not occur. You know the liver is a vital organ, right?

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    Uhh...You can't. Seriously you would rather die an alcoholic then live sober? In that case I really pitty you. Its sad to see so many people wasting their lives for something stupid like alcohol. I really hope you get help soon.

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    Talk to your doctor about getting your liver removed permanently.

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    whats the point in choosing drinking over your life, if its gonna stop you from living? lol

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    No, there isn't. Go to AA.

    By the way, I hope you're a troll.

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    its incredibly awkward how dumb people are.......although I guess its better people like this don't live long...he's a mcnugget short of a happy meal!

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