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Brown substance in my pants , kind of embarassing?

Hey guys,

I’m nearly 13 and I havn’t started my periods yet , I think.

I started finding whitish yellowy gooey substances in my pants about a year ago , and about a month ago I found a kind of browny substance (defiantly not skidmarks) in my pants, and its coming from my vagina. It lasted for about a week , and now it’s back again. It’s kinda embarrassing , and its just started again this week. I’ve had no cramps or anything.

What’s happening , and is there anything I can do to stop it ? Thanks :)

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    well if you ever get a yellow or green gooey substance in your panties its called discharge and if it gets a strange color like green or yerllow or clumpy you have an infection and the brown stuff did that occur last month cause if its happening every month its your period the first time you have your period its brownish so just ask a adult maybe a sister or your mother please do you need to get supplies.

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    when i first started my period, it was brown and it wasnt a lot and i didnt r eally have cramps. i didnt even know it was my period but it was. as for the whitish yellow gooey stuff, i think thats normal. every girl has that. im not sure about it being yellow though. go to your doctor and ask about this. it could be an infection. dont worry though ive had it before and you just take some medicine and it goes away

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    That is your body getting you ready for your period! try some pantie liners, to keep your undies fresh and clean, as well as you!

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