Islam really appeals to me, but why?

I'm just curious as to what you guys think? I recently bought myself a Qu'ran...But Islam has appealed to me for a long time now, and I'm just curious....


I apologize, I should've specified. It just seems like a really beautiful faith and its followers are so dedicated. I like how they give themselves over to God. It seems ver admirable to me. I cant explain it all that well. It just...draws me in more than anything else...

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    10 years ago
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    It seems you are sincere

    I recommend you investigate the correct understanding of Islaam and - of you are sincere - you will accept it by the will of Allaah

    Also, I recommend you don't refer to this site in order to do this. It's full of confusion and the confused

    Please see the following link; and I hope you'll take the time to read the articles in contains

  • misha
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    10 years ago

    Because it's the true religion.

    Read the Qu'ran, learn about Islam and then convert.

    May Allah guide you.

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    I can't really extract a question from what you just said, but if you are interested in Islam then I would say read the Qur'an and consult an Islamic scholar for any questions :-)

    Here are some websites:

    Salam (Peace)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What appeals you regarding it ?!

    Perhaps the reason it appeals is that it is the only religion that fits in with a person's nature. Islam teaches us that God is not human or any thing we can think of, He is the one who we must worship alone (as opposed to worshipping prophets like Jesus or animals like cows) and directly (as opposed to praying to others, eg, so called saints to take prayer up to God, lol).....

    So islam is the natural religion, and thats probably why it interests you. Other religions don't make sense as islaam does.

    This is one proof that islaam is the true religion. Point of interest is that we don't believe islam began with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but it was same religion taught by all prophets, including Jesus and Abraham and Moses, and Adam !! (peace be upon them)

    And islam means submission to God !! and what else can the true religion be named ?!

    Anyway, we hope you will read the Qur;aan with thought and reflection, and then accept the truth once it becomes clear to you, like we have. I am a revert to islaam btw and it was the best thing I ever did. Hoenstly, now wwhen I sleep, I can sleep easy that even if I die, I can stand before God having submitted to him by his true religion !

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  • Only Allah has control over your heart. The only explanation is Allah is guiding you to Islam.

  • 10 years ago

    start getting the english translation of the Quran-

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