What's the most powerful sword ever?

Fictional swords included.

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    Well in real life theirs is a complain on how the katana is the most powerful sword in the world. But with it it is sharp and light but that doesn't make it poweful. I say that a flamberge is deadly as the style of it the sword can hurt the hands of the opponent by just hitting his blade. Though getting through heavy armor a claymore, broad sword or a dastard sword would be the most powerful against it.

    For fictional swords thats a tricky one cause their is alot of swords that you could say is the most powerful sword.

    The first one that almost everyone knows is the sword Excalibur, the sword of the lake. When Caliburn, the sword in the stone, was destroyed by Morgan la fey the Lady of the Lake gave the sword Excalibur to Arthur which was suppose to have greater power then Caliburn.

    Another sword is the Gods Sword of Beowulf. It was the sword chained and sealed in the cave of Grendel which no regular man can wield. He broke the chains and wielded in his hands to finish off Grendels mother.

    The sword Balmung is also a powerful enchanted sword. Held by the hero Siegfried. It was a reforge sword that was sealed on a tree or something. With its power it destroyed one of the most powerful dragons of lore.

    Theirs the Argetlanm, the sword of Magess, that was held by a young women. It said that with the sword a great destruction was destroyed along with her and only the sword remain sealed to a stone waiting for one to release it in the time of need. It faded in lore and was lost.

    Theirs alot of other swords in fiction that can be known as the greatest, Arbitrator, Silverlight, Requiem, the Thunder Blade. You just have to research them to see which is the greatest. I can't descide which one is the greatest though

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    Most Powerful Sword

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    I'll make a list...

    - The Sword of Destiny can only be drawn by its rightful bearer, but also won't allow him to wield any other weapon. Properly used, it can decapitate someone without killing them. If someone else than the rightful bearer draws the sword, the spirit of one of the previous bearers will appear and kill him - and probably a bunch of bystanders as well. Finally, the Sword acts as a sort of magnet to the other empowered Objects of Destiny.

    - The Grass-Cutter Sword or Tsurugi-no-Kusanagi was a magic sword which was originally inside the body of a gigantic, eight-headed dragon. After Susano, the thunder god, slew this dragon, he offered the sword to the sun goddess Amaterasu to appease her (he had been banished from Heaven because he insulted her). She later lent the sword to a champion, who discovered the sword would command the storm winds. It is currently in the possession of the Emperor of Japan (officially, that is).

    - The Sword of Omens from the planet Thundera lends its wielder vastly enhanced senses as well as the (rather unreliable) ability to see the future.

    - The Power-Sword of Eternia channels the magic powers of the castle Grayskull to empower an individual into an almost invulnerable, invincible champion.

    - The Odin-Sword was an enormous (app.1000 ft) blade, resting in an equally huge scabbard, from which it should never be drawn, since that would herald the end of the universe. When it was finally indeed drawn, it was wielded by the Asgardian Destroyer, an almost omnipotent mystic robot, empowered by the spirits of all asgardian gods. It used the sword to fight the Celestials (who are as gods TO the gods) and managed to injure several of them before being reduced to slag.

    There are many more, of course.



    Masamune was a sword smith, not a sword.

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    What's the most powerful sword ever?

    Fictional swords included.

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    Most articles I read have given this honour to the Samurai sword. In reality, an authentic one takes several different artisans 4 or more months to make on and these can cost as much as a house.


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    Its gotta be Aragons sword, Elendil. Come on, once the slayer of Souron, reforged by elves, commands a dead army... Lord of the Rings all the way.

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    It is not the sword that is powerful but the hand that yields it that is most powerful.

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