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green town 急!!!

請問green town係咩?可唔可以給我中文解釋及介紹他們的特點?


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    Green towns are well planned and sustainable development and environmental protection will be emphasized in developing the green towns.

    In the green towns, there will be lots of open space. Pedestrians and cycle paths are separated from the main roads. Air pollution will be reduced, residents can enjoy a healthy living environment.

    Also, environmentally friendly transportation such as bicycles, modern travellators are to be used in the towns. To protect the environment, vehicles using diesel fuels are not allowed.

    Railway will be used as major transport link. Special routes are designed for heavy vehicles to minimize noise and air pollution.

    綠色城鎮是好計畫、 可持續發展和環境保護將會強調在發展綠色的市鎮。 在綠色的市鎮將會有很多的休憩用地。 從主要道路分隔行人和迴圈路徑。 空氣污染將會減少,居民可以享受健康的生活環境。 如自行車環保的交通,包括現代也在小城鎮中使用。 在環保使用柴油燃料的車輛不是允許的。 鐵路將使用為主要交通工具的連結。 特別路線設計的重型車輛,儘量減少噪音和空氣污染。

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