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company accompany

what is the different between company and accompany when it means "陪伴"??

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  • mwl_r
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    Since You ask a straightforward question, I hereunder give you a straightforward answer:

    ' accompany' is a verb, used like " I accompanied John to the door when he

    left.", ' Her cough is accompanied with high fever.'.

    ' company' is a noun, used like " Go away ! I don't need your company.",

    " I shall keep you company( meaning I shall keep you with company)to the

    police station, but do you want my company ?".Do take note that in this sentence, " I shall keep you company to the police station.........", the

    preposition ' with' in between 'you' and 'company' is understood(omitted),

    that's all.

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  • Ling
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    1 decade ago

    He keeps company with me all the time = company is a noun in this sentence

    He accompanies me to the party . - accompany is a verb here

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    keep someone/you company 陪伴(你)

    accompany someone/you to go...陪(你)



    I will keep you company when you are in the hospital.


    I will accompay you to go to the hospital.


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