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Anonymous asked in 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 decade ago

國籍問題 我究竟係咩國籍???

我係97前喺香港出生, 一路都係用BNO,






但我見我本BNO入面 nationality o個度

係寫住 british national overseas,

咁我 nationality 究竟係 英籍/中國籍/british national overseas???

但又有人話BNO 只係旅遊證件,唔代表國籍問題,

咁佢本野入面又寫我係 british national overseas?

加上有人話整身份證o個陣,人地會問你想入中國籍or 英籍,

我問我媽, 佢話佢當年係同我入英籍.

但又話BNO 唔代表英國公民, 冇居英權,


as 我根本冇英國人所擁有ge權利.

thankyou so so much for answering this complicated question!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    咁我 nationality 究竟係 英籍/中國籍/british national overseas???

    You only get 1 Citizenship and that is you are a Chinese National (中國籍)

    You do not have British Citizenship nor are you a British National as if you are a British Citizen or a British National, under international law regarding nationality, UK need to give you residence right when you are in UK. Simply because the heart of Nationality is Residence of a country. Which they won't and they couldn't.

    What is a BNO?

    BNO stand for British National Overseas, but don't be fool, British National Oversea does not mean you are a British National that lives oversea. (Cos that is British Oversea Citizens)

    BNO was created on the verge of hand over, Before 1997, HK Citizens were counted as a British Subject (Meaning; a British National that live outside British Soil). However, as turnover in 1997, British sever tie with Hong Kong, and cut the British National relationship with HK.

    A Normal British Passport is issued by Passport Office in the United Kingdom. But a BNO is issued by FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Which indicated UK have severed the tied with BNO.

    So,in the end, BNO Holder can at most counted as a Commonwealth Citizens but not British Citizens nor British National

    As for how the passport look like other British Passport? They could have make another design of a BNO if they like, they just didn't do it.

    By the way, saying a BNO is a British passport would be equal to saying an Australian Passport is a British Passport. or Canadian passport is a British Passport. Both Australian Passport and Canadian Passport are also Commonwealth Citizens Passport, the only different is, they also represent their own nation. As every Australian Citizen and Canadian Citizens will become Commonwealth Citizens regardless of status, but for a HK Citizens to get Commonweealth Citizenship, he/she must be registered before 1997, so not all HK Citizens are Commonwealth Citizen thus cannot use HKSAR passport to represent Commonwealth

    2010-06-23 10:02:42 補充:

    Wow, answer number 5 is a pile of Bull shxt

    First of all, IPS is Passport Office (by the way IPS - Identity and Passport service) I never said passport office is the official name for Passport agency. Like i refer to Home Office Border agency as Immigration Department

    2010-06-23 10:05:20 補充:

    Do you even know why i used those term dude?

    If i say Home Office ILR and IPS, gods in HK know what the heck is that, they are only familiar with the term, Immigration Department, Permanent Residence and Passport office.

    2010-06-23 10:06:52 補充:

    So before you attack someone else answer, can you please understand why people answer thier answer that way. Before you start being a smartass.

    2010-06-23 10:09:19 補充:

    2.) regardless where you apply for your BNO, your passport issue authority are still FCO and regardless where you apply for your British passport, the issue authority will still be IPS or Passport office

    Everyone know IPS only accept application from within UK.

    2010-06-23 10:10:25 補充:

    read the following answer please, i know, before answer this question, British Passport obtain oversea must apply thru local Consulate with passport services.

    Answer 002

    2010-06-23 10:25:50 補充:

    And dude, looks like you are the one who does not know the different between Nationality and Citizenship

    According to Oxford Dictionary

    Nationality : the status of belonging to a particular nation. 2 an ethnic group forming a part of one or more political nations.

    2010-06-23 10:29:07 補充:

    How can you say you belong to the UK when you have no right what-so-ever to live and work in the UK? Answer me that?

    That's what i said, Although the name does spell British National, the status is a full of bull excrement.

    2010-06-23 10:30:36 補充:

    doesn't matter what British say, they said you don't have the residence in UK, so you are not a British national.

    2010-06-23 10:32:23 補充:

    and finally, if you have to attack someone, get the fact right, and your english correct, i don't understand most of what you're saying since most of your word were out of coordination and lack of organisation, it doesn't worth to read.

    2010-06-24 00:09:14 補充:

    Comment 1.

    No response (well, it actually nothing to agrue....)

    2010-06-24 00:12:20 補充:

    Comments - Part 2

    1.) False information (Not falsely, falsely is an adverb, used to modify the verb, e.g Falsely accused)

    2.) I never said you have to apply for BNO from FCO, i said BNO was issued by FCO. Those are two very different thing

    2010-06-24 00:16:19 補充:

    Comments - Part 3

    1.) Mistakes (not mistake, well, you use alot of, mean more than 1)

    2.) well, look like the best answer also said you CANNOT hold BNO and BC at the same time. If i understand it correctly.

    Let me quote what s/he said

    2010-06-24 00:16:59 補充:

    (1) referring to Q.2, You are allowed to hold both the British Citizen Passport and The HKSAR Passport, [but not the BNO]. Sorry for the mistake.

    2010-06-24 00:24:22 補充:

    Comments - Part 4

    I have no idea what you talking about. If a person was born in UK dependent Territories, they are British Oversea Citizens, regardless of the parent's Citizenship status.

    2010-06-24 00:24:51 補充:

    You became a British overseas citizen on 1 January 1983 if:

    ■you were a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies on 31 December 1982; and

    ■you did not become either a British citizen or a British overseas territories citizen on 1 January 1983.

    2010-06-24 00:25:41 補充:

    quote from eligibility of British Overseas Citizen

    2010-06-24 00:26:17 補充:

    you become British Citizens by descent only after you registrated as a British Citizens, by descent....

    2010-06-24 00:27:57 補充:

    Comments - Part 5

    1.) If you forgot (past tense, not present tense.i have to forgot soemthing then i ask something)

    2.) wasn't it supposed to be another sentence from comment 4?

    2010-06-24 00:30:32 補充:

    Comments - Part 6

    1.) You mean may "not" be necessarily and would the whole 4 verb with an adverb are bit reduntent?

    2010-06-24 00:33:12 補充:

    2.) dude, Taiwan is not a country (Not at least from the UN point of view) and the term "Taiwanese National" not officially exist

    When taiwanese go for independent, then we can talk.

    Source(s): i am a british citizen and my wife is an international lawyer
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    1 decade ago

    you borned before 97, before the China take over.

    so you should call yourself ----- 英籍華人.

    you are not 中國人 in offically, because you are not born in China territory.

    you are not 英國人 in offically, because you have no root with British and you ONLY born in one of BK colony.

    there are : 中華人民共和國,中國的中國人, 中華民國,台灣的中國人, 英國殖民地,香港的華人, 海外的華人.....

    therefor, like me, you are 華人!

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    1 decade ago

    You are both Chinese and British as nationality.

    Chinese Central Government does not recognize dual or multiple nationalities. But it does not mean that they don't allow you to have one.

    So even your British nationality (as BN(O)) does not recognzie in Hong Kong and Mainland China, you are still a British national.

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