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產品介紹英文翻譯 20點





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    According to study some electrical appliances have never used to insert to still continue to consume electric power on the whole, but have some not, the hard discriminator of people in general.And some people's knowing perfectly welling a way have never pulled out to insert hurl will consume an electricity but still dislike to bother and ignore too much.Have never pulled out plug to invite to consume 10% electric powers more, if can reduce are good newses to all of the environment or the walletses.

    Making use of a screen shows that the electrical appliance consumes an electricity and easily cuts the power by hand point screen, under the disk can tie up to round electric wire.

    Taiwanese everybody uses 10,000 degrees electricity on the average every year, is what waste most in the so-called Asia tigers, the Kyoto Protocol points more to say Taiwan the energy usage absolutely loses control and needs to take into to control very much in recent years.Have a research to point out, some electrical appliances calculate not to pull out plug to can't consume an electricity, either and have some to then deny, this makes people in general difficult to depend on discriminator.And some people's knowing perfectly welling a way not to pull out plug will continuously consume to give or get an electric shock a person to dislike too bother and not to realize.

    The electric power that don't pull out plug and loss is up to 10% and lets the people be able to easily save an electricity, don't need to have been troublesomely pulling out plug, also more safe.

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    According to the study of some electrical even didn't use and will continue to power consumption but not that most people find it difficult to distinguish. But some people know no swap vote will power but still too cumbersome and not ignored. Didn't pull plug some consumption by 10% of electric power, if you can save the environment or purse is good news.

    Take advantage of screen display electrical power to hand point screen easily loses power, below the disc may be winding wires.

    Taiwan's average per person per year out of 10 000 units of electricity, is the most waste of dragons, of the Kyoto Protocol also means that Taiwan's energy use in recent years, the great need to be spun out of control. Research indicates that some, if not pull plug electrical equipment or power, some are not, this people difficult as stated. But some people know not to pull the plug will continued power people too inconvenient.

    Do not pull the power plug and the loss of up to 10%, so that people can easily save power, no need to remove plug has been cumbersome, and more secure.

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