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How are you coping with the oil spill in the gulf of mexico?

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    If it is not plugged or stop soon Loop current rings can and will eventualy take the oil to the shores of Tampico and Veracuruz. Both of those places get some degree of fresh ocean water from the Atlantic. Those currents are strong and with all the oil builds up the rings of oil can be pushed. The first evidence we will see of that is when oil reaches Texas.

    Cancun will never see any oil from BP s gusher. They will have a releif well in place soon.

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    We are not. Why? It is NOT here. Natural currents of the Gulf of Mexico are carrying the spill away from Mexico and landing on the shores of the United States. So, the question should be. How are you coping with the oil spill in the United States?


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    Since you entered this in the Mexico section, sounds like you think Mexico has been affected. It has not. The currents protect the mexican coasts...there is no oil on the beaches here.

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    I stopped watching the news and switched my car radio to Jack FM.

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