Body Scan 2010 Holistic Medicine?

Do you guys know if this thing is real ? My wife had gone to a place in the NY area where she got a "body scan" several times before we got married. The Doctor - who i think is a Chiropractor- hooked you up to a machine with pin looking things attached to your fingers and those are attached to a computer screen and a small black box. It does some readings and it suggests some chemical imbalances, etc

My problem with this thing is that it is very expensive, the test is maybe 20-30 minutes and after that the guy will give you some droppers with "natural" things to fix any imbalances. This is supposedly a preventative measure and boosts your immunity

I am not sure I believe in holistic medicine and I am not too sure I enjoy spending $400 a visit which of course is not covered by any insurance

Do you have any experience with this ? Is this thing a hoax or am I crazy ?

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    It is called "Vega scanning" generically, though there are lots of other names you may run across (Vegatest, Avatar, BioMeridian, Meridian Stress Assesment System) or sometimes as an EAV...for electro-acupuncture according to Voll.

    There is a long history of electro-magnetic gizmos for both diagnosis and treatment of disease. (google Anton Mesmer) They've been around since the dawn of electricity basically. The EAV machine itself was invented in the 1950's by a German acupuncturist called Rheinhold Voll. It is basically a skin galvanometer device. A probe is placed at acupuncture points, and depending on the electrical response, your are told you have a problem with the organ or system according that reading. The signal however depends entirely on how hard or soft the operator presses the probe, how moist or dry your skin is, and other random variables (or not so random in the case of operator bias) it is completely bogus, and without any scientific merit at all

    Invariably, nobody has ever been told they are healthy after one of these Everybody is given a multitude of illnesses, allergies and dietary deficiencies. Fortunately the owners of these often expensive "machines that go 'ping' " also happen to sell a premium brand of vitamins, supplements, herbs and other gadgets. is recommended you get regular tuneup about $200 a visit as well.

    THere are more modern versions attached to computers. The Quantum SCIO, and the EPFX device are both famous...mostly for being banned in various countries as quack devices. They have lots of flashing lights and fancy computer graphics to dress up the show...but essentially do nothing.

    There are ALL quack devices. There is no plausible way illness can be diagnosed this way, and no clinical trials have ever been done to show it's efficacy. It has simply been taken and used by various Alties to build their practice and make money. It has a particular advantage for those who don't have the inclination to actually learn all the voodoo rituals that go along with most altmed practices (yes,,there is an effort involved in learning woo...just as there is effort involved in memorizing The Jabberwocky) Basically, they hook you up to the machine...which is a random number generator, and it spits out a diagnosis and treatment

    For a really hilarious take on these phony gadgets, have a look at this CBC Marketplace investigative report on "healer" Bill Nelson (well, actually failed math teacher and cross dressing cabaret performer are his real credentials)

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    Body Scan 2010

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    I use both and my dogs go to both yearly. My one dog had severe allergies and the traditional treatments were NOT working, and were doing more harm than good. I have always fed Holistic and now Raw food and the improvements were dramatic and amazing, so at recommendations of a very knowledgeable dog person I started to take my dogs to a holistic vet. Most Holistic vets have you keep a traditional vet as well, so my dog to go to both. My dog that had allergy problems was successful treated by the holistic vet. There are no side effects to the natural treatment and thank God NO steroids. All i know for sure is nothing the regular vets did worked and I am talking 3 years and about $3,000 in treatment with no success. It was months and a few hundred dollars with natural treatments and my dog is allergy free and I am not killing him with drugs. Also the Holistic vets can help you with all natural flea tick treatments so that you do not have to use the common toxic flea killers. I have for years used natural flea treatment and never had one flea on my dogs. I have learned so much from the Holistic Vet and my dogs are healthier. Like I said I still have the traditional vet as well, which at least my holistic vet requires. But from factual experience, I think Holistic Treatments and Vets are great and worth it. My dogs are healthier and happier and the regular vet did not get them there.

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    It's a scam. Absolute pseudoscientific hogwash. $400?!!



    Well done for being skeptical. Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic about how to avoid alt med scams:

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    I don't know anything specifically about this "scan" but I have to agree with Gary on this one... it certainly doesn't bode well.

    Gary - that's a great link!

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