wizard101 what best for pvp?

what would be the best for pvping i want to rip the opponent to shreds wile having little damage done or if you have any ideas for pvp tell me

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  • 10 years ago
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    I've answered a sismilar question in the past... here was my answer:

    "k what kind of pvp you thinking of?

    ranked matches for pvp are usually 1v1

    so i'd go with balance or ice

    strong attacks, awesome defence

    the larger pvp battles like 4v4 rock with schools like storm, fire, ice, life

    myth and death are known to be strong when farming for items, questing, etc. but NOT in pvp (believe me i would know), of course i'm not saying they suck either

    personally, i think a storm with high accuracy and pip chance is perfect for pvp ranked

    and life or ice for 4v4"


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