Season 10 Degrassi people?

does any one think that K.C could die insted of the new person with claire in the promos (eli)

because k.c was fighting someone in 1 promo but someone else (eli) was being thrown againest the wall by a police man

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  • 10 years ago
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    I think that this season is going to go as follows:

    I think that Adam (who is really a girl) is going through an identity crisis thus the whole, mirror and him looking in the reflection and seeing a girl and immediately turning away. She is truly a girl but she wants to be a guy.

    Bianca is "the girl who making boyfriends disappear" I think she is a lesbian, you originally think upen looking that she is a girl stealing boyfriends, but we have Jenna, and Degrassi is not going to make a duplicate. I think she makes boyfriends from girls disappear in the fact that she is making girls leave there boyfriends, technically steal "making bf's disappear"

    I think that Jenna's secret is that she is could have an STD or be pregnant but that is wayyyy to cliche', Degrassi is going for a soap opera thing it needs more drama, from another yahoo answer I say that maybe she falls in love with Adam and she doesnt know she is a girl (a secret that she has, but the real secret is that she doesnt know that Adam is a girl) thus making her and K.C. split...either that or from the recent promo where it gives a little more, she could be hooking up with Fiona's bf because it showed Fiona's bf hooking up with a blonde girl (possibly Jenna).

    Speaking of Fiona, she is clearly in an abusive relationship with a prep school guy, who beats on her and cheats on her. I find this interesting becuz I remember Fiona not wanting bf and only dating Riley becuz she didnt want guys hitting on her and she knew he was gay.

    Riley is going to be challenged by the new guy Drew, and blackmailed for being gay.

    Drew is the new stud in town and he is going to date Alli, who Dave wanted to ask out, but Drew gets there first and Alli is immediately attracted to him and it looks as if she is going to have sex again.

    Sav and Anya are going to get back together but Anya doing something really shady that may lead to a break up. And I think Holly J and Sav have an issue but Holly J shows him who is boss and he cooperates.

    Speaking of Holly J, she is going to running the school.

    Claire and Eli are going to start dating thus the "lovers card" in the carnival promo.

    The death card, I think there is going to a be a death, thus the lockdown and Leia (she will only be in Degrassi for the first half of the season, besides she is boring and no one will miss her) is going to be the victim, in which may be caused by Fitz, the new bully, or i could be an accident or someone that we least expext causes it. But I def think there is a death, the 'lockdown' and the 'lost' on the spinning will. If anyone else were dying in the season they would not be in the entire season, Leia is the one not returning. I also think the first half of the season is going to end with the lockdown.

    Mr. Simpson is the new principal and Ms. Oh is the media immersion teacher.

    I think this season is going to have more drama, sex, scandals, and lots of trouble..

    As for K.C. dying I dont think so, he is probably fighting Eli becuz of Claire. He was beginning to realize after the Riley and Zane episode that he made a mistake picking Jenna over him and now that Eli is with her, he gets jealous. The police part, I cant seem to figure out, I think the new kids are going to do something bad. And maybe just maybe Bianca and Adam are friends who are both into woman becuz they were together. But K.C. def doesnt die. Its Leia

    I know that was an entire analysis of the predictions for the season but I couldnt help myself, I am a complete Degrassi junky. I hope this helps and gets you more excited for the season!! :)

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