speaker jacks make sound when you touch it?

well i was wondering how come it makes that buzzing sound when you touch the metal part of the jack.(where it goes into the ipod, the metal part). It doesnt hurt when you touch it, but is it bad for you when you touch it? like does it burn your bone without knowing? or is it because you have electricity in your fingers or something like that?

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  • Robert
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    10 years ago
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    If you look closely at the male jack, you will notice that it has either one or two little black rings around it like you see in this picture.


    This black ring is an insulator that separates the negative pole from the positive pole which are found on either side of the black ring. When you touch the jack end with your finger, you literally connect the positive and negative poles and create what is called a short. The arcing of the two poles transmits raw power to the speaker and you get the humming sound.

    Is this dangerous? Not for you, but it could be for the speakers. It's a very low level of electrical current being transfered a very short distance. It's like touching both poles of a 9 volt battery with your finger. You will not feel anything. But it you touch it to your tongue, you are sure to feel a tingle unless the battery is dead. The same goes for this jack.

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