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Would you buy the new NISSAN Leaf (100% electric)?

We all should!! Don't you think?


Ok maybe in the US it won't be the solution but in other countries that obtain electricity from hidroelectric dams it definitely will work

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    "Would you buy the new NISSAN Leaf (100% electric)?" Yes I would, from what has been announced the Leaf is sufficient for my needs (size, range, speed, ) and would be within my budget.

    "We all should!! Don't you think?" No I dont think so, for the simple reason different people have different needs, for some its a bit too expensive, for others the range they need exceeds that of the Leaf, some need a larger vehicle(suv, pickup), and so on, but for many people that mainly need a regular highway capable car for commuting to work the Leaf certainly looks like a great option.

    Even regions without hydropower can gradually increase their renewable energy generation and the beauty is that electric cars are independant from the source of generation, so a region, municipality or individuals can eventually install solar panels on their buildings/house for example (some buildings with solar panels in Germany and elsewhere generate more energy than they use). Also electic cars are much more efficient than ICE cars because a much greater percentage of ICE energy is wasted in friction of various moving parts (that also sustain more wear).

    "Hydrogen" Hydrogen is a red herring and a waste of energy in this context, it is not a source of energy but just storage, energy is required to produce pure hydrogen(often made from hydrocarbons) which needs to be compressed and stored and transported in heavy trucks to the hydrogen stations(or the subtance to produce it, while transporting electron particles is more efficient than tons of compresed hydrogen gas or component matter), all in all its a massive waste of ressources and energy all so that a needless oil-mimicing infratructure (oligarchy-friendly) can be replicated

    "Solar panels on hood and roof" great idea and this will probably be available in the future (the Leaf has a small basic solar panel on the spoiler btw but its effect is negligable) but effective solar panel and current prices would make the car a bit pricy. Newer thin and flexible panels and photovoltaic paint is already in developement so eventually when costs come down a car's entire body might generate electricity.

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  • 10 years ago

    OK Hydrogen guy just where do you think Hydrogen comes from? Most time lot's of electricity is used to break hydrogen out of water and to compress it into liquid hydrogen. That said I think all City cars should be electric. I was really interested in leaf and almost put up the 100 dollars deposit. I have 240v power outlet already. Being somewhat skeptical I may wait till I go to Leaf New Technology School. Nissan is going to build it's own batteries so they can keep quality control. LI-Ion batteries are getting better and better. My 11 mile commute and 10 mile lunch run then 11 miles home will be just right for Leaf 100 mile range. Electrical Power Plants can use falling water burn coal natural gas or nuclear the car can be programed to recharge at night at off peak consumption time. Some power providers charge less at off peak times. My only thought is why don't electric cars have photovoltiac panels on roofs and hoods.

    Source(s): Nissan Master Tech
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  • 10 years ago

    why? I'm not defending gas, I'm just saying the Honda FCX Clarity runs on hydrogen. with hydrogen, you just pump it like normal gas, it costs the same as gas, it has the same power as gas, and it only emits water. unfortunately, hydrogen stations are only in California. but seriously man, do you know what it would be like if everyone started driving electric cars? most of this country runs on chemical, coal, or nuclear energy. if we all had electric cars, then the powerplants would be operating at triple capacity, spilling out further pollution and not really solving the problem at all. sorry, but electric cars aren't the answer, hydrogen is.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    No it is too expensive. Buy a Ford Fiesta for 13K get well over 40 mpg

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Why so you can charge it up with electricity from your local coal power plant?

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