Urbanski: Tea parties may be "last hope," "last chance" to "save the republic" Do you agree? Why or why not?

What say you?

Update 2:

Fear? Does it work?

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    1 decade ago
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    i say tea partiers are the really white americans that were raised in all white societies with lack of culture. they are afraid obama will change america so minorites can gain wealth and be equal. So they are trying to throw him out.

    they think they are patriotic when really its half racism half selfish naivity.

    when i say racism i mean an overall dislike of anyone who isnt of european descent and/or cannot speak clear perfect american/english/australian english. or thinking with the thought of "white people" "black people" and "illegal aliens"

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    A poll taken about 2 weeks ago by CNN indicated that the Tea Party and Sarah Palin have only a 20% approval rating --- and that most of their supporters are evangelical white Christians.

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    I'm not active in it, but they are the best hope. It is time for the individual to pay for consumables rather than credit card it. Doesn't anyone remember the scientific experiment on Stanford about immediate gratification? Those that couldn't postpone gratification had a lower standard of living when they became adults than those that could!

    When 50% of the population doesn't pay income tax why should they be able to have the government extort more from those that do?

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    1 decade ago

    That's how they see it.

    Our Republic IS changing, it's not fear mongering to point that out. Some people are afraid of the change, or resistant to it. Those with a lot, have a lot to lose and I can certainly see why they would be nervous.

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    partly , I agree interior the fact approximately good issues by no skill to final.... yet human beings have selections, in the event that they chosen to relish the best issues in existence, they could atleast attempt to think returned ... Like ought to they make it final slightly longer, or maybe longer... although, if the best issues are long previous, one ought to nonetheless detect a manner of searching for the best issues that would , could make existence better...... as much as undesirable issues at the instant are not meant to final continuously, so are the best issues... yet dropping the best stories in existence, could basically be a project to look for a bigger and satisfied existence.. that's merely a count o fhow we examine out it in our very own attitude.

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    I think he meant to say; "last hope," "last chance" to "save the Republicans" - problem is, it's the Tea Party that is splintering the Republican Party. But I'm good with 'that'... The GOP is out-dated and has lost touch with the reality that is life.

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  • Yesiam
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    1 decade ago

    If the Tea Parties are "the last chance", then the Republic is doomed.

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    Not these radical groups but I do think this country needs at least a third party. A strong independent party would be preferable.

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    1 decade ago

    A silly feeble attempt that will obviously fall flat on its face.

  • 1 decade ago

    the tea party is chock full of really scared people, well paranoid may be a better word, they never recovered from 911 and the ptsd it gave them.

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