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What is the Sumo Museum? Please tell me something about it because I have never been there yet?

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    The Sumo Museum was opened in September 1954 to coincide with the completion of professional sumo's new home, the Kuramae Kokugikan. Based on the materials gathered over the years by its first curator, Sakai Tadamasa, it was created to protect and preserve the rich historical heritage of Japan's national sport. In January 1985 the museum moved to its present location when tournament sumo returned to Ryogoku with the opening of the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

    The major function of the museum is to gather and preserve a wide range of materials related to the history of sumo, from woodblock prints and banzuke (official listings of rank) to the ceremonial aprons worn by the great rikishi of the past. These items are then displayed in themed exhibitions held six times a year. The museum also functions as a research center, continuously studying and reviewing sumo history as an integral part of Japanese culture.

    Acting Museum Curator - Yukishige Isenoumi (as of February 2010)

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