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please help? can't remember movie, seems to be a metaphysical we're all connected theme.?

slowly approach curtains blowing in open window. Characters in this apartment involved in numerous love stories and twists with numerous other people fanning out all over town until finally none of the original protagonists know new players and situations they started..Fiinal dramatic and increasingly dangerous plot which evolves back around to the original apartment and characters one runs out and scene pans out open window

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    It sounds a bit like this one:

    Chain of Desire (1992)

    starring Linda Fiorentino, Elias Koteas, Angel Aviles, Patrick Bauchau, Grace Zabriskie, Malcolm McDowell, Tim Guinee, Holly Marie Combs

    IMDb review:

    Max Ophuls gave us one of the great films of all time, "La Ronde", a stylish seduction about the art and enterprise of seduction with an extraordinary cast. Filmmaker Temistocles Lopez marvelously modernizes what was a cautionary tale about syphilis, setting it in a sexually charged Manhattan at the height of the AIDS epidemic. Again the storytelling is that of the portmanteau or multi-plot, multi-character as one character from each sexual coupling, couples with another, hence the chain of the title or "round" as in the Ophuls film taking us back to the first character.

    Your description of the open window at the start and finish reminds me of this film, especially the stories linking together.

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