I was very disappointed with Italy v Paraguay today...?

...they didn't show many of the beautiful Italan and Parguayan female fans!!! :P

jk but seriously that game could have gone to either team, I haven't seen Italia play so well recently so this comeback is a little inspirational, no doubt that they will march over New Zealand on Sunday even without Buffon and Pirlo.

for Paraguay, they have a good chance to get into 1st place, if they can get more goals than Italy and win vs Slovakia and New Zealand, we might see our first surprise team of the tournament?

So the big question is...how come so many people hate Italy? Seriously, they "dive", they "cheat", but they won a World Cup fair and square with Catenaccio. I'm pretty indifferent to them, but since so many people hate Italy and poke at them for giving up a goal today, I feel like I need to support them!!! :P

I guess whoever is the FIFA World Cup champion gets the least respect :)

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    I saw two cute Italian fans blowing kisses.

    We deserved a PK. I forget which player got checked. The Paraguay defender didn't even try going for the ball. The goal was good. Buffon couldn't get it.

    De Rossi and his epic beard saved the day.

    Gilardino and Criscito were crap just like I thought they would be. I don't understand why Di Natale and Pazzini didn't play. Or Quagliarella . & if iaquinta is gonna play then he needs to be a striker and not stay back. Gattuso should have started this game. He would have allowed De Rossi to attack more. Plus it was a wet pitch so it was perfect for Gattuso. Cannavaro played just as I thought he would. Was solid and showed up for the occasion. Not bad at all. Chewed them out too like a captain should.

    Lippi's crazy for not calling Giuseppe Rossi.

    Pepe was impressive. Italy played a nice attacking game and were putting the moves on Paraguay. Italy outplayed them for the most part. I saw good football and I think Italy can go far in the tournament.

    I'm very happy.

    We had a good party. Fun game.

    Fiero di essere Italianoooo!!!!

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    I don't know many people that hate Italy most people hate France because they "cheat" and "dive"

    and yes italy WILL beat new zealand , this might sound weird but italy will probably win only 2 or 3 to 0 , many people think it will be like 5 - 0 IT WILL NOT BE!

    Italy played good... but they did not take their chances , they waste way too many opportunities, personally i think di natale should be playing instead of pepe and crisito should not play. Pepe got the ball SOOO much and never did anything with it.

    Italy had like 70 percent of the possession and they were attacking the whole game and what do they get ... 1 lucky goal. it should have been at least 3-1

    Although Paraguay played Skillfully worse then italy they played Tactically better than Italy, U want Proof..... they got a draw against a team who had all the possession and controled the game... paraguay had about 2 other shots besides the goal.

    All paraguay had to do was sit back and defend and let italy get tired of running and missing opportunities. Even when Italy took shots they were SLOW crappy shots that either went out of play or was an easy save for the Goalie

    So paraguay is VERY happy with the draw and can win the group (most likely on goal difference)

    Oh yah and I am an ITALY fan just in case u thought i was saying they played poorly because i hate them (i really want to see Italy do GOOD) and Italy rarely "cheats"

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    1 decade ago

    Fifa isn't about girls. It's about members of the Men's National Team of the Federation International de Football Association. (FIFA). It's about men & football. Competition, fair play, fun & making new friends. That's it.

    But I was really disappointed with Italy vs. Paraguay because Buffon didn't make any effort in trying to save the goal. But yeah. :/ Italy's goal was sweet & nice.

    I don't think everyone `hates` Italy. Maybe they're just jealous of them. I mean I thought Italy would win against Paraguay because Italy is home of Soccer & rarely anyone hates Italy here in my school. 2 kids even went home for the Italy vs. Paraguay soccer match!

    They never have `dived` or `cheat`. They play fair & square & I'm sure the referee can agree on that, because maybe he's the referee & he knows what's cheating & not.

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    Italy always starts slow in the World Cup the next game will be much better I presume. I love Italy they have a good chance this year along with Germany and Brazil. Paraguay did well holding their own against Italy.

    Just watch after the first games for everyone are over the second part will be much more interesting and exciting.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no man come on they can beat New Zealand with the U-21 team :D , I think Italy will be the 1st , Praguay 2nd , And i think that italy and paraguay will win their rest matches , I like Italy XD , but this year I support Germany & Brazil , Italy have the best defence and they use the cornerkicks very well , who doesn't like italy's football :P

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    Like you, I'm relatively neutral about Italy. But when I hear "dive" I still think of Portugal before Italy. Italy has serious problems with cheating in their domestic leagues (just ask Juventus), but it's hard to cheat that much in the WC, and other teams try the same things Italy does.

    Working against them - they do play an extremely boring defensive, counter-attack style of football that is hard to get enthused about.

  • 1 decade ago

    Who told you that many people hate Italy? It's one of the teams with most fans after Brazil and Germany.

    I think they played well today, they always start at a slow pace.

  • 1 decade ago

    Who told you that many people hate Italy? It's one of the teams with most fans after Brazil and Germany.

    I think they played well today, they always start at a slow pace

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i love italia even tho their not my home team but i was a bit disappointed with their game today since they let paraguay get the first goal i hope they step up their game

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