How to get Gas on for Inspection for HUD house - in Houston (not having gas meter now)?

How to get Gas on for purchasing HUD house in Houston? For HUD house in Houston not having gas meter now.

How to get Meter & gas on ?

We are in process to buy HUD foreclosed house in Sugar Land , Houston , TX .

How we get Gas on for inspection ? Which Gas company can provide Gas for inspection on reasonable rates? Thanks so much for your answer & suggestions

Which company do that , if govt. also help in that.As it is HUD foreclosed house.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    HUD will probably require that you put the gas on in your name. Try Pacific Gas and Electric. ( I don't work for them).

    Their website mentions as a provider, altho it looks like you can get gas directly from pge.

    Since you are not the owner of the home (yet), you might be asked to appear in person to provide identification before they turn on the gas.

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    1 decade ago

    Call the real estate agent ask them who the local gas company is, call that company (the pipes connect to only one natural gas provider's pipes) and ask them to provide the necessary connection. HUD has nothing to do with your purchase.

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