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My mum wont take my dog to the vets?

This is really annoying, and upsetting.

My pug who is 10 months old had had a collapse like four times now every 2-3 months apart. The fourth being last wednesday.. The last two were at similar times of the day between 9-10am. The first two weren't. They were at 2-3pm and 8-9pm.

During the first ever one he was limp so we thought it was lack of oxygen. His jaw was clenched and he pooped and peed. (wasnt breathing)

The second time he was coughing and came to find me, then collapsed on his side and when i picked him up he was limp but his jaw was clenched shut. (Wasnt breathing)

The third time was first thing in the morning when he was laying on my bed. He was licking at the air quite excessively and woke me up. He came and lay next to me then rolled onto his back and coughed and went rigid and his eyes went back. Again, he was not breathing. I carried him downstairs to find my mum and he pooped and peed. He came round after say 15 seconds of being put on the floor. He rolled onto his front looking quite confused.

We took him to the Vets and the vet done numerous tests such as an ECG, blood tests, X-rays etc and he was fine, so the vet did stenotic nares surgery and also removed a few extra teeth.

That came to a bill of £490. Last week my mum recieved a check from crufts pet insurance for £390 so she got the majority back...however..

Last wednesday i let my pug out i the garden for a poop and i went and sat at the kitchen table waiting for him. He came running in with a blank expression on his face and jumped up at my legs so i lifted him onto my lap and he sat there for a while quietly. Then he had a small cough and his body went rigid, his neck stretched back, he made a noise, his legs stretched out and he peed and his eyes went back (But he was breathing) So i gently put him onto the floor. This is how he came around -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KboCT_xfbJQ

Youtube thumbnail

My mum made an appointment for the Vets for today at 5pm but when she came home from work at 4pm she refused to take me and said he is fine and doesn't need to go "Because he is fine now"

I told her dogs who collapse or have seizures etc don't lay on the floor 24/7..

There is clearly something wrong and she refuses to take me. I have £100+ in my bank account and said i was willing to pay for the first appointment yet she changes subject or just refuses to take me or yells at me. I said i'd even sell half of my stuff.

This is surely some serious health problem, right? What can i say to make her realize this? I love my dog to bits and we have a great bond and i just want him to get the help he deserves with his health. She has a Pug aswell but she doesn't have a bond with him like i have with mine.. She just says "Oh, hes just a dog not a human" .. I don't know why she is being like it because last wednesday she was all up for taking him to the vets now she is making every excuse she can think of. She won't even give me a proper answer when i ask her "What is wrong with me paying for it myself?" ..

So, what can i do to convince her this really is serious..? She says it's normal, it isn't!


1. Doesn't need to be given away. His breeders have already stated they would tkae him back.

2. Im 16, i can get a job. I also start college so i will get my EMA soon. + I do actually have quite a bit of money stashed away that i have saved.

Update 2:

Well, i meant the £100+ could at least get the first appointment out of the way. Hell, i could even sell my damn xbox 360 elite and thr trillion games i have. I dont even use the damned thing. We have the moneym we have the £390 from his pet insurance. It's just getting her to understand this is serious.

Update 3:

Getting rid of him is not an option. We do have the money, my mum just says its not worth paying the vet hundreds because he doesnt know what hes doing (because he failed to solve it last time). Im sure he does, hes a vet. I'll keep talking to her. This dog is what helped me get over depression and selective mutism, so now i need to help him.

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    It absolutely sounds like a neurological/seizure disorder, all those signs say seizures. Get some information online about seizures in dogs and show them to her. If he has a health problem and he's not receiving the care he needs, the dog could be taken from your family and placed with a family who will provide his vet care for him, because refusal of taking an animal to the vet when there is obviously something wrong is called neglect and animal cruelty and criminal charges can be pressed.

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    I just went through this with my cat. Getting her diagnosed cost $262.00 CND (so around 175 GBP)

    When we took her to the vet, the vet did a bunch of blood work. The next day we brought in a urine sample. Everything came back totally normal, but she was having seizures every two weeks, so we KNEW there was an issue. The vet said that if we wanted, we could do a CT scan for $2000. She said all this would do was rule out any sort of brain tumors or structural deformities, but that it would NOT mean a definite diagnoses of epilepsy. She said we should try putting the cat on a anti convulsant first, and see if that made a difference. We did. It's not expensive at all, and it's just one little pill a day. She has been seizure free for four months now.

    Use your own money (you will get mose of it back from the insurance policy anyway), and ask the vet if you can try putting the dog on an anti convulsant med to see if it works. If the seizures continue, but are more spread out, she needs a higher dose. If it is epilepsy, she will need larger and larger doses over her lifetime. It won't cost much to just have the vet do a bit of blood work, and collect a urine sample. Hopefully this is the issue, and you're dog can live a long and healthy life with you, and your family :)

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  • 4 years ago

    Hi I am sorry for your predicament and I do think you have every reason to be concerned as this happened to both of the dogs we have years ago. Personally I would ask your Mum if weather or not she is afraid of what the Vet will say (Cancer or whatever) or is she afraid that it is going to cost too much to take Lola to the vets? My friend had the same sort of problem with her 2 dogs and thought the same as your Mum that the Deano was eating Molly's food as well as his own but only when we were all saying to her that she should take Molly to the vets but by the time she plucked up the courage it was too late to do anything to help - she lived for another 10mths before she passed over. I really do not recommend you stealing the car as you will end up in all sorts of trouble - if you cannot persuade your Mum or Dad to take Lola to the vets then say by all means "Can I borrow your car then to take her myself" try and get some family members and/or friends to back you up. All the very best - I am sending out Angelic Healing to Lola xx

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    Your dog is having seizures. The vet can give you a prescription for medication to stop the seizures. My husband's dog had seizures and lived for 6 more years (until he was 11). If you have pet insurance, that should probably help with that, but it will be a monthly cost for the rest of your pet's life. I would call another vet if you don't feel comfortable with the one you have. And seizures can't be detected unless the vet actually sees an episode.

    I'm not sure why your mom is acting that way though. She might be worried that if the dog is really sick, and has to be given back, that you will go back into your depression. Try talking to her, and try not to get upset. The more upset you get, the more reluctant she will be.

    I hope this helps.

    Source(s): Real life experience.
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    Well, now explain to your mom that either ways she is going to be taking you to the vet and all she is doing right now is let the money sum up. The dog will get further problems which will cause more money. I am sure that you guys will end up at the vet some day with thousands of dollars to owe. So why not now? Talk to your mom about this. Ask your vet if you can pay some each month. Trust me, the vet cost will be way more than 100$.

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  • Moi
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    10 years ago

    If she can't pay for it then you can't force her to take him.

    You claim to tell her that you can pay for it yourself, but £100+ isn't enough to pay for the care he'll need. Especially if the last bill was just £500. it will get much higher.

    In this situation, the best thing to do would be to give him up to a society, organization, or person who can give him the treatment he needs.

    It pay hurt, but it's for the best. Him staying with you like this isn't helping any.

    EDIT: Okay then, you should return him to his breeders.

    I'm not trying to be mean, but at 16, when there's qualified adults looking for jobs, the best you can get is a little over minimum wage at best. If you're really going to college soon at that young age, you should be focusing all your attention on that. You can't afford to strech yourself too thin. And a few hundred saved up won't make that much of a dent in a bill that will probably cost thosands. Seizures aren't something that can be just cured like that. They need many follow up treatments and the bills build up. He might even need surgeries.

    I know you're trying hard but just think about what's best for him.

    DOUBLE EDIT: You already said that the breeders would accept him, so it is an option. You say that it's your turn to help him, but then you're not allowing him to get the help he needs because you don't want to part with him. By you holding him back, you're no different than your mom not paying.

    Think. Is it better for him to die with you or for him to live happily elsewhere. You shouldn't be selfish.

    Source(s): My dog needed multiple surgeries that ammounted to several thousand dollars. Fortunately for us, we had the money and support need to pay for them and get her the proper care. The situation is different with you.
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  • 10 years ago

    Good for you for offering to pay.

    If you are really struggling call the vet yourself and explain the situation. Tell them that you know something is wrong but your mum won't bring the dog in. Ask if the vet could then phone back when your mum is at home and talk to her. If all else fails, consider talking to the RSPCA.

    I've actually been in the same position with our elderly dog, she was gorgeous but then she started collapsing, vomiting and lost so much weight. I kept urging my dad to get her to the vets and I was on the verge of calling the RSPCA, but then she passed away. =(

    EDIT: You will start college in September, and in my experience it takes up to 3 weeks for the EMA to start coming in. Sorry hun but you can't leave it for that long.

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  • 10 years ago

    He needs medical attention, so either you have to provide a vet visit, or a shelter or rescue does, but it isn't fair to your dog that he can't get medical treatment because you or your mom can't afford him.

    1. then give him back to the breeder, since you can't care for him!

    2. if you can get a job, that's great, but you job hunting isn't going to help him NOW, which is when he needs medical treatment.

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  • 10 years ago

    well shes your mom and you dont have a car and $100 isnt really enough. you should talk to your dad about taking you. im really sorry i hope everything works out.

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  • 10 years ago

    I'd give him up to a no-kill shelter, or someone who can pay for it. I know that's difficult, but this sounds serious. He really needs medical attention. If you love him, do this. It could save his life.

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