What colors can I make out of red, green, and yellow food coloring?

I have green, yellow, and red food coloring, what possible colors could I make out of these three? :)


This is for liquid food coloring also!

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  • 10 years ago
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    red yellow = orange

    yellow green = lime

    green red= some ugly color

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    Here are the colors you can make with red, yellow, green:

    Red + Green = Brown

    Red + Yellow = Orange

    Yellow + Green= Light Green

    If you want to make a darker color of the colors provided, then add more of one color to another.

  • 10 years ago

    For frosting, I am assuming: A buttercream, for example...

    red & yellow will make orange

    yellow & green will make a chartreuse (you can add more or less of one color and a deeper or lighter color)

    red alone with the buttercream will give you pink hues

    red and green will give you some interesting hues of brown

    You can get varying degrees of color by adding more of one and just playing around, but those are the basics with the colors you suggested.

    Sounds Fun!

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  • 10 years ago

    Orange (red and yellow) Light green (yellow and green) brown (all three) If you are adding it to a light coloured mixture you could make Pink (red and the light mixture) Light yellow, and light green

    You could make different shades of the colours by adding different amounts of colour :) x

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    10 years ago

    green+yellow for different shades of green

    yellow+red for shades of orange

    red+green will make brown it will still be brown if you add yellow to this too, just a more yellowy brown lol

    you can also dilute the colouring for a pale green, pink or cream colour

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