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Are mountain bikes used exclusively for biking on mountains?

I want to buy a bike because i like the idea of biking but the thing is i want to bike up mountains so i think i would need a mountain bike. but, i want to bike to my friends house and everything two so i need to know if i can bake just on mountains or if they are good for sidewalks and the raod too.?

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  • kit
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    10 years ago
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    Mountain bikes can be used on the street, or roads


  • 4 years ago

    Depending on what hardrock model you go with (like someone else said in the answers) both companies have a very similar quality build and have very similar warranties on their bikes. The choice should come down to which dealer makes you most comfortable, gives you the best deal, and what bike fits and feels the best. Make sure you take the time to get fitted to both and take them out for a test spin. If you are going to do any off road riding, I would suggest upgrading to a Gary Fisher collection by Trek Wahoo, a Trek 4300, Giant Revel 1 or 0, or the Specialized Hardrock disc, Hardrock Sport disc, or the Rockhopper. They have more durable wheels then the 3900 and should hold up better than the 3900 in more abusive riding. The general rule of thumb for taking a mountain bike off road is to spend $500 if you have rim brakes, $600 with disc brakes or more. Then you get stuff that will hold up, and won't need constant maintenance or replacement. Good luck and happy trails!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Probably about 90% of mountain bikes are used exclusively on the road, and with the quality of suspension on the cheaper bikes, that's the best place for them.

    A good off road bike can be used on the road as well, good ones have locking suspension, so that when you're on the tarmac all of your effort goes into propelling the bike, and not compressing the springs.

    The main problems of off road bikes on the road are the tyres and the gearing.

    The tyres have a high rolling resistance, making pedalling tiresome, and the knobbly tread will wear quickly on tarmac. The low gearing, while great for climbing hills and tackling mud, is not good for any great distance on a smooth surface.

    You can get tyres that are suitable for multi surfaces, they are better than full off road tyres on tarmac, and will still get you through some mud, but if you want to tackle very rough terrain, you'll need proper off road tyres. The choice will be determined by the type of off road riding you plan to do.

    Of course, you could get another set of wheels, and have road tyres on one set, with off road tyres on the other. Going this way would also allow you to have slightly higher gearing on the road wheels.

    Incidentally, the suspension on mountain bikes is there to keep the wheels in contact with the ground, not to make it more comfortable for the rider.

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    Many people buy mountain bikes and never use them off-road. Pretty dumb in my opinion. Mountain bikes will go slightly slower than a hybrid - for example. Two reasons why; the tires are wider & hold less air pressure thus producing more rolling resistance. Also, they usually have knobby tires vs. a smoother tread.

    But, to answer the question, a mountain bike can go just about anywhere you decide to go. Just stay away from discount stores. Pure junk.

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  • Martyn
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    10 years ago

    When you say up mountains... do you mean up the mountain itself or up the mountain pass (road)?

    A mountain bike will work on-road. The riding position is quite high so you can see around better, but the fat knobbly tires and heavy frame make for slower going. Even more so if you have disc brakes and suspension. You can still get around quite easily, it just won't be as efficient on-road.

    Off-road, there's no question. It has to be a mountain bike.

  • 10 years ago

    No, mountain bikes give very good traction in most situations if you enjoy the off road and city biking a mountain bike is the way to go, while a city bike does coast along pavement with greater ease.

  • 10 years ago

    Mountain bikes can be used on the street, or roads, Due to their design (heavier frame, wider tires, etc) they are not as energy efficient as street bikes, but they will get you around all right.

  • 10 years ago

    no, and yes you can ride one on the road ,i do all the time, it is my main mode of transportation. i have do a couple of tours with it ,had a blast

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