car hire and spending in tenerife?

I am going to puerto santiago tenerife next is my first holiday abroad.

can anybody tell me how much money we will need for 7 nights self catering, we are a couple.

we plan to hire a car for around 3 days so we can travel the island easily, not too much clubbing/drinking, mainly enjoying the beach and sightseeing, possibly watersports and eating out most evenings.But i have no idea of the costs out there or how much to bring..

the pound is not great at the moment..

any ideas?

the cheapest car hire?

cost to do watersports?

cost of eating out ect?

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  • john g
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    10 years ago
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    My other half and I get to Tenerife quite often (she owns an apartment there). We usually go for 10 days and, for that, she takes about £200 and I take £700. I usually find I've got £200 left out of mine to bring home!

    We hire a car for the duration, which I pay on credit card, so this doesn't count in the overall spending amount. We eat out every night. We both smoke, so there are cigarettes to buy.

    Regarding your other queries, including the costs of things, it would probably be more convenient to suggest you visit my site:

    where you'll find loads of information on car hire, watersports and eating out.

    The Puerto de Santiago/Los Gigantes area is nice. I hope you have a great time!

  • 10 years ago

    Tenerife is our favourite holiday resort, we have been there several times. Food is VERY expensive so be prepared to spend twice as much as you would here for food purchases. However, you will find "eating out" more affordable. We once hired a car but, believe me, it was a waste of money because there is nowhere to park, besides it is too hot. You will find most amenities within easy walking distance of your accommodation. You could take a coach trip to the Parrot Park, in the north, well worth a visit. Good luck. Gladgran

  • I've not been to Tenerife yet but I recently booked to go there in December. I've found this forum pretty useful for finding out about places to visit, car hire, watersports, good restaurants, bars etc plus what how much money I need to take with me.

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