Good cooking knives set?


I'm starting to cook, and have the intention of going to a cooking school in the uk to hopefully progress and become a vegan chef.

Could anyone recommend to me a good knives set for Vegan cooking.

Preforably not too overpriced just a decent long lasting set that should do just fine.

Thanks for you help :)


Yes i didn't think Vegan knives were any different i just mean i dont need meat knives an fish knives etc.

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    In general 99% of the knife sets sold have one or more knives in them that is either very similar to another one in the set, or has very specific use and you'll never use it. Especially if you are looking for vegan cooking.

    I'm not entirely clear about all different styles of vegetarianism, but assuming majority of ingredients are vegetables, I'd strongly recommend to look into Japanese style knives, you can get those knives at comparable prices with western knives, doesn't have to be super expensive piece, contrary to the popular belief.

    I use about 10lbs of veggies a week and being a knife collector I've tried various types of knives fomr many makers

    One of the basic knives and the most useful for veggies is the chef's knife, but its Japanese counterpart gyuto works a lot better compared to western knives. Gyutos have similar blade geometry with chef's knives, but are lighter, have thinner blades and edges, plus harder steel to allow for that thin edge. Cutting performance is much better and for veggies that makes difference, as you get much cleaner cuts.

    Gyuto reviews -

    Santoku is considered veggie knife, but at least in Japan, where it originated it is home cook's version of the chef's knife. It works for veggies too, the only problem is that the longest santoku you will find is just 7" blade, and chef's knives or gyutos go up to 12". If you prefer something longer than 7" then santoku wont' be an option, besides it has pretty much no belly, so chopping veggies with rocking motion is not possible. -

    There are at least 3 major vegetable dedicated knives worth looking into: Nakiri, Usuba and Chukabocho or Chinese vegetable cleaver.

    Chukabocho is more universal and Nakiri and usuba are specifically designed for veggies.

    I haven't seen westernized usuba, but western makers started making nakiris too. Besides, usuba is single grind edge, takes time to learn, but nakiri is traditional double grind edge.

    You can find detailed reviews of those types of knives here -

    Some of the better brands and bargains here -

    Source(s): 12+ years of knife collecting, sharpening and research
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    Many people find that they don't need all the knives that come in a set, so think about what you actually use before committing to something that might just take up space. I use a 10" chef knife(Henckels)about 30 years old, and a 6" chef knife, a no-name thing I picked up in a second hand store on a camping trip about 25 years ago. I do about 90% of my cutting with the 6 inch knife, but I'm only cooking for one, usually, so don't have large quantities to chop very often. I have a paring knife but use it so rarely I'm not even sure where it is right now. I have a long carving knife that I use about once a year, and a serrated bread knife. That's it for knives for me. I use those for everything, and rarely use a food processor so I do mean for everything. Just as important as buying a decent quality knife in the first place is looking after it once you have it. Get the proper means for sharpening the knives and learn how to use it. My no-name knife stays in good shape because I sharpen it. Get proper storage for your knives; never toss them in a drawer or into a sink with a bunch of other metal utensils. Be good to your knives and they will be good to you.

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    anything from Wüsthof will likely last you a lifetime, might not be cheap, but worth it.

    FYI: vegan knives are no different than non-vegan knifes

    edit: if you go to a cullinary school you will likely be expected to still cut and prepare meat dishes.

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    A good professional set I would recommend are the HENCKELS brand available from your local dept. store, not the ones sold at the grocery store. Yes they are expensive, but you can buy them as a set or individually and they will last several generations.........DO NOT EVER wash them in the dishwasher, ALWAYS by hand.

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    calphalon knives a really good price and they last for years....

    Source(s): personal chef 2 years
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