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Im getting married in Richmond, VA next year any suggestions on who to use, money saving tips, consultants?

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    I met Occasions for Elegance etc. at a bridal fair a while back. She's really good.

    There are great venues in Richmond - one of the best is Maymont Park's Italian Rose Garden for an outside affair - but if the Japanese gardens at Maymont are in repair, that's my personal favorite. They have a nice place for an indoor reception at the Mansion, too.

    Another great outdoor venue is the Carillon - and I believe you can still hire the bell ringer to play music from the carillon. It's lovely.

    Another great venue is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in the Fan. OK so it's a Catholic cathedral, it's still one of the most beautiful churches in the city. There are others just as nice, tho - and one of the most accommodating is the Unitarian church near the Carillon. It's a modern church but the people are very nice.

    If you're Jewish, there is a great JCC with wonderful reception facilities - and there are denominations ranging from ultra-modernists to extremely traditional within a walk from the JCC. Also very nice folks.

    Jean Jacques is the best baker in Richmond bar none. Not cheap - but the cake is superb.

    Contact the VCU department of music and ask about string quartets, soloists etc. for musicians. There's something about live music at a wedding that makes the whole affair.

    The Smokey Pig in Ashland makes the best barbecue; but there are restaurants of all nationality so if you want Vietnamese Pho, you can get that as well.

    The Bull & Bear club (a private club but maybe your consultant has some pull) is a wonderful venue with views of the city.

    If it's still running, the Annabelle Lee is a big stern-wheeler that you can charter and cruise on down the James to Petersburg an back. Great for weddings.

    On the Southside, the Forest Hills Country Club (again, private club) is beautiful - with great facilities.

    For a very intimate wedding, the Edgar Allen Poe Shrine has a lovely lawn garden for a ceremony and then you can stroll up to Mr. Patrick Henry's for reception and outdoor dining.

    Into alternative sites? Try the Oregon Hill Cemetery - with its winding roadways and mausoleums. Yes, if you ask nicely you might even be allowed to get married at midnight - if you're into something kind of eery.

    Or St. John's Church where Patrick Henry gave his "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" speech. That's a lovely old Anglican church - built when you needed to put a slab of granite over a grave to keep the bears from digging them up!

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  • Blunt
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    1 decade ago

    Get married on a Friday or Sunday; Saturday is the most expensive day.

    Get married off season. May-October is wedding high season and prices are at its highest. Getting married November -April you can get discounted prices.

    Use a supermarket florist. You do not pay for the over head. Supermarket florist can recreate any design that you want for a fraction of traditional florists.

    Buy online. Ebay, craigslist,, and several other online vendors will offer better prices than craft stores and wedding vendors.

    Go to for a free wedding website, weekly reminders, month by month planner and tons of pictures and ideas.

    Good luck and congrats

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  • 1 decade ago

    hi kristen

    congratulations on your engagement. i am a wedding planner in richmond va and would be more than happy to help you plan your wedding. if you would like to talk with me, you can email me at or call me at 804 893 7183.


    kathryn long

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