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POLL: What are some "cool" books to read for 16 year olds (10th and 11th graders)?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Here are some of my favorite books of all-time, that I think would appeal to 16 year olds:


    This is the second book in the BOUNTY TRILOGY which is a series of three books that starts with MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY. Most people will be familiar with MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY - the story about a severe and demanding Captain Bligh whose crew finally rebels against his tyrannical leadership. Some of the crew want to kill Captain Bligh, but eventually the crew decides to set him adrift in a row boat in the middle of nowhere along with a few others who were not willing to join the mutineers. The first book, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY covers the story to this point. The second book, MEN AGAINST THE SEA, tells the story of how Captain Bligh is able to make his way back to England in the row boat and saves the lives of all those who came with him. In this story, Captain Bligh demanding ways are heroic. He refuses to give up on himself and the others. With his experience and determination he refuses to give up and finds a way to get that little boat safely back home. The third book in the trilogy is PITCAIRN'S ISLAND which is the story about what happens to the mutineers after the mutiny. All three books are very interesting, but the best is MEN AGAINST THE SEA. These are all true stories about events that actually happened, btw.


    Don't turn your nose up at this one. You may have already read LAST OF THE MOHICANS by James Fenimore Cooper. But, this book is much better and another of my favorite books of all-time. Beautifully descriptive and a thrilling story about how one man using his wits, experience and courage saves the day against a camp of renegade Indians. The story actually treats Indians with nobility and respect. But, just as there are villainous people among the whitemen, there are also savages among the Indians. You won't be able to put this book down.


    This is another book you won't be able to put down. It is the story of another demanding military officer who is captured and becomes the senior officer among the prisoners at a POW camp during WWII. At first, all the POWs hate him because he insists everyone remain disciplined instead of just drifting along in captivity. His name is actually Col. Ryan, but all the men take to calling him Co. VON Ryan because they come to hate him as much as their German captors. However, when the prison camp is moved, Col. Ryan figures out a way to commandeer the train the prisoners are being transported in. A really thrilling story.


    I know it may not sound appealing, but this book by Louisa May Alcott is another great read. It is a story about a couple who open a school for orphans and wayward boys. It is not sappy. It is not girly. It is a truly touching story about helping troubled kids change their lives so they can heal themselves. You won't regret reading this one.


    Blair Maynard, a divorced journalist in New York City, decides to write a story about the unexplained disappearance of yachts and other small boats in the Caribbean, hoping to debunk theories about the Bermuda Triangle. He has weekend custody of his preteen son Justin, and decides to mix a vacation with work, taking his son along. They fly from Miami to the Turks and Caicos island chain but, while on fishing trip, are captured by a band of pirates. The pirates have, amazingly, remained undetected since the establishment of their pirate enclave by Jean-David Nau, the notorious buccaneer L'Olonnais, in 1671 (in reality, however, L'Olonnais is known to have died four years earlier). The pirates have a constitution of sorts, called the Covenant, and have a cruel but workable society. They raise any children they capture to ensure the survival of the colony, but kill anyone over the age of thirteen. In short order, Justin is virtually brainwashed and groomed to lead the pirate band, much to Maynard's horror. Maynard tries repeatedly to escape, and finally attracts the attention of the passing United States Coast Guard cutter New Hope. The pirates attack and capture it, but...


    This is actually a prequel to the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. It is, by far, the best book of the four. I couldn't put THE HOBBIT down. It felt like the LORD OF THE RINGS would never end.

    Try any of these books and you will be very glad you did!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    nicely for youthful adult men i might recommend: The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians series #a million) Eragon (Inheritance Cycle #a million) Catching hearth (starvation video games series #2) while Zachary Beaver got here to city Monster the colour Of Water That became then, it is Now. For youthful Wonem i might recommend. The gossip woman series, ( it somewhat is plenty greater effective than the tutor) pass Ask Alice The Sisterhood Of the traving pants series. Crank decrease depraved : The existence and situations of the depraved Witch of the West (Wicke Years series #a million) Homecoming desire became right here

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