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Did Carly Fiorina (California GOP Senate candidate) outsource American jobs as CEO of HP?

This is a tricky issue for me.

I definitely want that useless Dem Barbara Boxer out of office... but morally, I can't support someone who outsourced American jobs to foreigners, or who used layoffs as a profiteering tool.

What's the truth about Carly Fiorina's time at HP? Is it true that she engaged in outsourcing and layoffs of Americans? Why would she do that sort of thing, and ruin so many American lives?

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    God Bless James Bong and his Donkey Kong

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    Yes. Carly Fiorina's tenure as HP CEO was disastrous. She not only embraced outsourcing, but claimed it was needed to make HP competitive. However, what her "leadership" accomplished was to drive the company into the ground by cutting research and development funding, as well as chopping 10,000 jobs. The company's stock fell over 60% as a result of her policies, while the stock of HP's competitor, Dell, rose during the same period. After Fiorina was pushed out, the stock started rising again and the company started recovering. Regardless of her politics, Fiorina's record as a business person should act as a warning to anyone considering her for high office.

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    I don't know if she did it but I do know HP outsources jobs and did layoff a lot of Americans and replaced them with h15 visa Indians.

    As a business it was a good thing since it saved the company money and not doing it would have been suicide and uncompetitibe. Companies are out there to make money, not to be nationalists.

    It is the same way you and I choose to buy socks made in Honduras for 10 bucks for a pack of 6 rather than 14 dollars for 1 pair made in USA. We do it to save money just like companies.

    I know it sounds bad but it is the reality of the situation. Don't tell me if you owned a convienent store you wouldnt have Nestle crunch bars and Red bulls, a Swiss and a Austrian/Thai company just to be nationalistic and promote the American hershy bars and American RockStar energy drink.

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    While they are distasteful, layoffs and outsourcing are necessary elements in any sort of major business nowadays in a globalized world. If you're gonna hold a grudge against anyone who lays off/outsources, you're writing off every Fortune 500 company...every one of them.

    And as a former California resident, I'm behind Boxer all the way. There are reasons to oppose Fiorina but trying to run a successful business (she failed at that) shouldn't be one of them, no matter how emotional the issue may be to you.

    Source(s): Basic common sense and a rudimentary understanding of how business works
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    Because it's a global economy now and a business person must do what's profitable for his company. Capitalism is cold blood, but that's REALITY and I accept it because when all is said and done capitalism is still the best economic system ever developed. When all is considered America is still on top economically. We have a 1/4 of the world's GDP. Not bad, huh?

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    She made the Forbes top 10 list of worst CEOs of the decade.

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    Yeah................then there was this pesky thing called NAFTA also, which Carly had nothing to do with.

    One of my friends was one of the last to go @ HP in Northern Cali.

    A company ISN'T too big to fail, now, is it?

    I didn't see HP asking 0bama or Bush for a handout.....anyone else?

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    Are you a protectionist?

    Maybe if business wasn't so expensive to conduct in California she wouldn't have had to do that.

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    Like it or not, global economic unification is a reality. There's no excuse for a company (especially a large one) for not employing people all over the globe. Any CEO who doesn't do this should be fired.

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