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do girls ever have a crush on multiple guys at the same time?

reason im askin is cos there is this girl i like and i know she likes me back.... but we were chillin today and she met this guy and she flirted with him a lot.... is it possible that she likes both of us? And P.S. if for some reason she DOES like this other guy.... i have no chance of competing for her.... he is older and more experienced than me with girls.

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    don't listen to those dip **** guys that are calling this girl a slut or whore. they're just pissed because girls probably didn't pay them attention and they're just mad. its perfectly normal to like more than one person at a time. she's not dating you NOW. but she could later. a crush is just a crush. what matters is if she hooks up with more than one dude in a week. that slutty. but innocently flirting or having a crush isn't that big of a deal. and why not fight for her. let her know how you feel. let her be the judge of who is right for her. if she's worth competing for, then do it. don't be a patsy.

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    i mean theres usually a #1 crush, but its not like theres anything stopping us from liking 2 or 10 guys at one time.

    shell proabably go out with you if you ask though. Usually the crush that wins is the one who asks first.

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    Yes, sometimes girls do. It doesn't make them trashy *eyeroll*. Seriously... But you don't know for sure if she likes this dude. And even if she does, so what? She obviously enjoys you enough to spend time with you (that is no small thing, believe me), so hang in there and fight for her if you really believe she is worthy. You have many qualities this other guy doesn't, just by being you.

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    do you always like the prettiest, most experienced girl? if she does like both of you, that doesn't mean you don't still have a shot. that said, it is perfectly reasonable that she could like both of you. crushing isn't an exclusive activity. she can be attracted to lots of people at once, although she probably likes one of you more than the other.

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    It is possible for sure...Im pretty sure it happens all the time with guys as well. However don't tell yourself that you don't stand a chance! you do! ask her out on a date not just hanging out and Im sure ull stand a great chance!

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    Number 1....yes they do, but usually they're not serious crushes. It's prolly just like "Oh yeah I'd date him if he asked me out" kinda thing...and no that does not make them sluts or whores.

    Number 2....just because he's older and more experienced doesn't mean you can't win her heart...and if you can't she's not worth fighting for.

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    YEAH OF COARSE THEY DO.....but dont put urself down.just have confidence and be a gentleman.and if she's ment to be with u she'll go for u instead of the other guy and if not, its alright at least u and her werent actually in a relationship and there are many more fish in the sea....:]..

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    Silly question. Of course girls can like more than one guy at a time. Do guys ever like more than one girl at a time? Same thing.

    Before you jump to conclusions though... ask her.

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    Yes, and not because we are whores but because we are human. You will never know if you stand a chance against this other guy unless you put yourself out there.

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    yes it is possible for a girl to like more than one guy... but some times girls dont just look for experience.. they sometimes want a guy who understands them and wont push them to do stuff she does not want to do... dont put yourself down.. wait and see what happens, use that charm of yours

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