Astronomy Knowledge Issues?

What are some knowledge issues for the future of astronomy?

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    Metaphysics in astronomy are handled by specialists in such knowledge, thinkers called "cosmologists". You'd have to ask them. A general meta-physicist can only take what cosmologists say and analyze the logic to determine its truth-value, or whether it is in adherence with the Correspondence theory or with some other theory. (Every philosopher knows the Correspondence theory. Like E=MC2, it breaks down into A=A. But like Einstein's theory, A=A can take up entire books.)

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    here's a huge reality sheet for the image voltaic gadget. It lists the Dwarf Planets, too! did you recognize that there are 5? Distance to planets from Earth varies broadly, in accordance with their relative place in orbit. the indoors planets are rocky midgets. The 4 outer (Jovian) planets are gasoline giants. Of the Dwarf Planets, Ceres is a rocky asteroid, despite if it fairly is around, so that is been categorised as a dwarf planet. Pluto is an ice worldwide. Eris and Make Make are probable ice worlds, and Haumea reflects features of something extra huge than ice and airborne dirt and mud via fact it fairly is oblate-formed, yet that is led to particularly via fact it fairly is spinning without postpone. that is "day" is under 4 hours. there may be extra dwarf planets extra as we get extra advice approximately different gadgets interior the image voltaic gadget.

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    What is a knowledge issue?

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    It is good for knowing about the future movement of galaxies, planets and stars.

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