What does Bank of America na via Landsafe on a credit report mean?

My dad is bipolar and has bought a house (without telling her first) and my mom is worried that he may have applied jointly using her name without her knowledge. OR that he may have used their existing home as collateral. On his credit report under regular inquiries it reads " bank of america na via landsafe". Under permissible purpose it states "credit transaction". The same thing is on her report and she is worried that he has applied for a loan in her name or used their home as collateral.

Please help.

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    1 decade ago
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    He would not be able to purchase a home without your mother signing. It's possible that he filled out an online application and had both of their credit run, but this is not anything to get excited about. Mortgage don't use other property as collateral, so again this is nothing to get excited about. The worst thing that has happened is that their is a mortgage inquiry on her report and that means nothing. Anyone with a decent credit score won't miss the minimal points that are temporarily lost due to an inquiry.

    Source(s): Mortgage Loan Officer
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