Music AABA form understanding?

Question. For my Midi project. I have to compose a song in AABA form but I want to do it in the key of F Minor. The chord progression has to be I-IV-V

Can someone explain to me AABA and please be detailed.

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    The 'AABA' form has nothing to do with the key or your chord progressions. It has to do with the organization of the song by its melodic progressions. In the AABA form the melody (A) is followed by a reprise of the melody (A) then by a different theme or a variation of the melody, and ended by the initial melody (A). This is probably the most common form in popular song writing in which each part consists of thirty-two beat (eight bars of four beats) so the song ends up to have thirty-two bars.

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    I think (I did this in school) that AABA is talking about the rhyme scheme.

    It means that the last word in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th lines has to rhyme and that the last word in the 3rd line can just be something else...

    Hope that helped!

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