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Is religion is the most common mental illness suffered by mankind?

I read recently:

Religion is the most common mental illness suffered by mankind, Christianity/Islam/Judaism/ etc are the names of the asylums and the bible / koran / talmud / etc are the inmates' (patients') handbooks.

What a perfect description I thought -


American Atheist: It wasn't an article it was written in the letters/comments page of one of the UK newspapers regarding the rise of anti-islamic sentiment that's sweeping across the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. I thought it was rather poetic.

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    Yea, but most don't classify it that way. Faith is fine by me, but sky creatures? Bonkers.

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    Religion has served a multi faceted purpose for human beings. It Has been a psychological comfort blanket that has given many hope and a framework for life. Of course it has also been the cause of wars, terror and some of the most abhorrent acts ever witnessed on the Earth.

    However there is no denying that people are looking for something outside of the confines of this World and there is a reason for that. What is happening to Humanity now is this. We have grown hugely egoistic. We have a have a huge desire for pleasure. However humanity is now struggling to find anything on the face of this planet that can satisfy them. You only have to look at the fact that while living in standards in the richest countries have risen, happiness levels have not risen accordingly. The opposite is true. The West is ravaged with depression, so much so that it is being described as the modern day plague and medicines only answer to it is to simply dope people.

    Religion are also starting to lose their appeal. They are not satisfying peoples deep inner urge to find out what the purpose of their existence is and this is a question asked by almost every person on the face of the planet.

    Have a look at the following links because they talk about religions demise and the truth they will be replaced with:

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    That is not how I experience things, perhaps you've seen differently...

    First of all the term religion is so broad... imagine saying philosophy was a mental ilness.

    Second, the traditional religious extended family is considered to be protective against mental ilness by most psychiatrists (mostly the religious ones of course, but they also must speak from experience)....consider Dr. Viktor Frankl for example who defined God as the "company of our most intimite syloliquies".

    Maybe you could explain what it is that you saw that made you think that religion is a mental illness.

    Ungar MD.

    vancouver Canada.

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    Though I'm an atheist, I wouldn't consider being religious to be a mental illness. Religion simply acts as an outlet for the unknown. We do the same thing with movies and books, but religion takes it to a realm that is far more terrifying than any horror novel.

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    I don't think religion is an 'illness', and I'm not religious... Haven't been for about 10 years now...

    Religion gives people morals to live by, moral ones that cannot be codified into law. EX. "Do onto others as they would do onto you."

    Religion gives people a reason to live their life, striving to be their best, with the hopes of getting into 'Heaven' and avoiding 'purgatory' and 'Hell'.

    People need religion. But religion also needs people...

    Remember, you cannot judge an entire religion because of a select few people that take things out of context and do not think logically and with the knowledge that it is not 20 AD/CE. Not every person who worships is a fanatic, and believes that their Holy Book is law; word for word...

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    I wouldn't say it's a mental illness, just a delusion. People delude themselves into believing in all kinds of things that aren't true - conspiracy theories, superstitions, etc. Religion is just an organised attempt to indoctrinate people into a delusion and uses many techniques to achieve that goal.

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    No the most common is the delusion that your opinion makes you superior to everyone who doesn't share it, this problem is also a part of religion but not religion itself.

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    Yep, I thought ofit as an illness as soon as I became atheist at 9 years old.


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    People in mental institutions believe in themselves.

    GK Chesterton

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    I have thought this for years, who wrote the article?

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