What was the differences between princess Mary Tudor and Elizabeth?

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    Mary Tudor was Elizabeth older sister. Mary was King Henry's and Catherine of Aragon's child (Catherine was Henry's first wife). Elizabeth was Anne Boleyn's child with Henry (his second wife). Henry divorced Catherine to marry Anne and in the process created the Anglican church and m in England. Elizabeth was also a protestant and Mary acc. Mary ended up becomingg Queen after her brothers death she marriprince Phillip and had no children leaving the throne to Elizabeth. Elizabeth never married and had a much msuccessfullyreign than Mary. MDescendedfrom Spanish and english royal families well Elizabeth Came from a English noble family and the English royal family. One similarityy was both Elizabeth and Mary were illegitimate) after their father divorced(Catherine) and beheadedd (Anne) both were put under baddecisionss untilHenry's wifee'ss influenced him to be kinder. Jane Seymoure for Mary and Elizabeth. Anne madntt when she was born nd made her lionss which was not good for Marys pgued her through out her life. I hope that helps.

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    Mary Tudor was Mary I of England not Mary, Queen of Scots (aka Mary I of Scotland). Mary, Queen of Scots was Mary Stuart (or Stewart). If your asking about the difference between Mary I of England and Elizabeth I of England: Mary and Elizabeth were half-sisters with different mothers, Mary's mother was Catherine of Aragon and Mary was a Catholic, Elizabeth's mother was Anne Boleyn and was a Protestant.

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    Mary was Catholic and strongly defended it.

    Elizabeth was officially Protestant, but she was very moderate and allowed a remarkable amount of religious tolerance for the time.

    Mary ruled for 5 years. Elizabeth 45, which is one of the reasons Elizabeth is so much more well known. Mary was also about 15 years older than Elizabeth.

    Mary was much more traditional in general. She believed it was her royal duty to get married and provide heirs (which she failed at, due to health problems). Elizabeth never married.

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    Mary and Elizabeth were half sisters. They had different mothers. Mary's mother was Catherine of Aragon. Elizabeth's mother was Anne Boleyn. Mary became Queen after her brother died and married. She was not able to produce any children. Elizabeth became queen after mary died and never married. Elizabeth's reign lasted longer than mary's and she was a more successful queen.

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    They were half sisters. They had different mothers. Mary married but was unable to

    have a baby, so her husband lost interest, and went back to Spain, I think. Mary tried to return England to the Catholic faith, in a rather bloody way. Elizabeth tried to be more tolerant of religious practice, but my grip on that might be from fiction, not history books. Elizabeth did not marry.

    She was aware of people trying to manipulate her for their own gain, and tried to steer a course best for England. She had a healthy fear of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, and finally had to agree to have Mary executed for treason, knowing full well Mary's son would be her heir. James didn't know his mother as he had been taken from her at a young age.

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