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What do you all Think about the oil spill down below the gulf of Mexico?

I think that is awful and are the people even trying to do anything about it.

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    The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is already the worst man-made disaster of all time but if they cannot stop the leak until sometime in August then from when the leak first started on April 20th till then you could expect up to 12 million barrels of oils released into the Gulf. BP has totally underestimated the oil flow as was proven this week. By August the spill will be covering a large portion of the entire Gulf of Mexico along with all of the beaches, marshes & wetlands and it will also have been sent via the Gulf Loop Current over to the Florida Keys (covering all of their beaches as well) then the oil would have been pulled into the warm Gulf Stream that flows up the Eastern coastline of the USA & Canada and then all of the way over to Europes beaches, including Ireland & the United Kingdom. Eventually over a period of many years people should expect the oil to get into basically every Worldwide ocean current spreading the oil Worldwide.

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    It's not the 'worst manmade disaster of all time.' I wish people would stop saying that. It's not even the worst release of oil into the ocean, the Persian Gulf War spill was 3 or 4 times bigger. Ixtoc I was comparable, but this one will pass Ixtoc if it hasn't already. That will make it second worst oil release. I guess if it leaks for a long time (which is a possibility!) it could become first.

    At any rate, it's terrible. There's no way to 'clean up' the oil that's already out. The stuff that hits shore will be there for a generation, and the stuff they 'disperse' by spraying their chemicals on it out in the water is still there, it just doesn't float anymore so you can't see it. Apparently they think that's a good thing. Seems to me more like sweeping it under the rug and hoping nobody notices. Oh, and the dispersant makes the oil around ten times more toxic, and the dispersant itself is toxic too. Some research suggests it does more harm than good. Nobody really know because this has never happened on this scale.

    Other recent research suggests that the oily birds, even after they've been cleaned up and released, almost always die anyways.

    Yeah, they're trying to do something about it. The problem is nobody knows what to do. Everything they've tried has failed. The idiots never thought to figure out what to do BEFORE something like this happened, and not to drill until they had it figured out.

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    You think all those ships out there are just having a party, perhaps?

    You think billions of dollars are being spent on nothing?

    It's not the biggest oil spill and I'm sure it won't be the last.

    The first major oil spill was from an American ship (Torrey Canyon) which polluted the British coast and damaged the British fishing and tourist industries. The Americans refused to pay out compensation and even avoided accepting legal service of writs until one enterprising lawyer sneaked aboard a ship owned by the same company and nailed the writ to the mast.

    In the end the Americans paid out only $3million dollars, which was less than 1% of the damages caused.

    Maybe it's just get-even time.

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    They be sure they could't seize each and each of the Oil Droplets so in short that is something to be stopped or managed imagine a hurricane hit issues could worsen If we beat the hurricane we are able to freshen up easier then we had in the previous.

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    I feel like everyone was shocked somewhat when they heard

    about it, and just forgot about it like the next day, because i did i forgot that it even happened but when i remember about it, it just makes me sad to think about all the poor sea animals that got/are affected by the spill i dont know how can some idiot people cause a spill like that, i mean i dont know what really happened, but they are really stoopid for letting such thing happen, again i dont know what really happened im just a teen here okay, i havent heard that they are tryin to clean the mess i havent seen the net puttin pics up of people helpin out or anything...

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    I think its going to be along recovery they are trying the best they can. no matter how fast they get it cleaned up it wont be fast enough for some body.

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    How many people do you think will respond with "I really like it"? Yes, it is horrible and YES there are people trying to do something about it.

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