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I hate Israel, what about you?

Don't be afraid to say you hate Israel they can't do anything to you.

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    No. I support Israel. They are the oldest nation on earth. they have remained intact for thousands of years. Other nations rise and fall, but the Jews endure. Multiple attempts for centuries sponsored by the Catholic church and carried out by various states and ignorant individuals like yourself to exterminate them have failed. Hey, even Hitler failed and he was pretty damn efficient.

    And no, Israel can't do anything to you. And they won't do anything to you. The only time they act with violence is when they are trying to preserve their existence. (and then all the fools rise up and scream with hatred) But its okay. You support terrorist Islam. They will kill all the Jews for you.

    But hey!!! How about saying something derogatory about Islam? How about drawing a funny picture of Mohammad? See what your Muslim buddies will do to you. See how your local newspaper will cower and refuse to print them.

    After they come for the Jews, they are coming for us.

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    There is no reason to hate Israel.

    All the reasons the arabs give are just misconstrued and dilapidated lies.

    The recent indecent on the boat? The people on board had illegal weaponry, and even caches of firearms for Gazan terrorists. Not only that, but they were trying to shove their way into a RESTRICTED PORT.

    They had a port they could have gone to, but they charged like retards anyway.

    Second, Israel has only done things to protect it's people and it's land. Nothing less, nothing more. Arab nations/organizations just hate the Israelis for their religion, and the fact that they have better farmland.

    Once the radical Sand People stop shooting their 42 yr old Romanian AK's, then they can start peace talks with the Israelis, whenever possible.

    Until then, good riddance, vermin.

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    I don't especially hate the Israelis. I dislike some Israelis, just like I dislike some people in many other countries including my own.

    I have a severe problem with the arabs who think they can get their way in the world by blowing up school kids and people in trains, resturants and shopping malls, and flying airplanes into tall buildings.

    It is the muslims who can't seem to get along with other races and religions all over the world - Russia, Netherlands, India, China, UK, USA, France, Spain, etc, etc.

    It is time for the rest of the world to put a stop to the muslims violent temper tantrums.

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    My guess is that you might "hate" the idea of a "created" homeland for displaced Jews after WW2 on Britain-confiscated Palestinean land or you might loathe Netanyahu's ongoing violation of signed agreements between the Palestineans and Israel, but to actually HATE an entire nation with a large population of people whom you have not met is pretty much impossible.

    I consider hard-line Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu to be a BULLY, and I tend to side with the Palestineans on the the building of unauthorized Jewish settlements on land that belongs technically and historically to the Palestineans (the Gaza Strip) in blatant violation of long-standing signed treaty (two-state solution) agreements. The current blockage of the Gaza Strip by Israel is NOT fair to Palestineans, and the recent MURDER of seven humanitarian aid workers by the Israeli army should be grounds for UN intervention and a trial that includes charges filed against whomever had ordered the armed assault (to include Netanyahu, if he so ordered the action). Israel needs a new, more moderate leader. But no, I don't hate Israel as a whole.

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    Dear speeder have you met or been to Israel, or did a Jewish boy whip you but today? Had to be because they are no threat to you, to just hate them, Sorry Speeder either you are with us are against us, pitiful really sound cowardly. Before a Man passes judgement he meets his enemy face to face by you hating Israel then we are your enemy is this truly what you want? Sounds to me like your trying to impress somebody that is very shallow like you.

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    I dont hate any1 or anything because im not a hater, and i dont think you should just label the entire country. If you really want to hate Israel then go to lsrael meet everyone and then decide if you should hate the entire population as a whole. I really dont know why you hate them, im 13 i dont really pay that much attention to politics but i do know my share of it. so why dont you just back track and say i DISLIKE some people in lsrael or i DISLIKE what is going on in lsrael ect...

    don't hate appreciate, if lsrael is doing something wrong you she be an optimist and say, "well they are making america look better" or something on the lines of that... :)

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    I hate terrorists and palestinian apologists.

    Screw Palestine. You reap what you sow. Their pain is well earned.

    And I'm not even a Jew.

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    I joined the IDF a week ago. So far it's been a great experience.

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    Are you a Muslim?

  • you must be Palestinian or something!


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