How long and how much does a visitors visa from ghana cost?

looking to get a visa for a friend, any information would be helpful.


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    1 decade ago
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    You can't get a visa, for anyone your friend needs to qualify on their own by applying at the US embasy and showing they have enough in the bank to pay for their visa, flights, insurance, and all other expenses. If youve ever sent money to this person they wont ever get a visa as that shows they dont earn enough money to pay for the trip and are at risk of overstaying and working illegally.

    You do know that Ghana is one of the main countries for internet romance scams dont you? if this is a pretty girl saying she wants to visit but just needs to borrow money from you or have you buy your plane ticket its a scam only out to steal as much of your money as they can

    We have family in the US, my cousins have good govt jobs in Ghana, and they cant even get a visa to the US for another cousin's wedding because they dont own a home (they live with their parents still) and their salaries are not considered high enough. So unless your friend is from a very wealthy family or has a top job with a foreign company there is no way they will get approved for a visa. Its almost impossible for unmarried Ghanaians to get visas for the US or Europe

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow! this sounds so familiar:) Good luck with your search friend.

    Remember the 3 doz. roses?

    Thery came from that guy from Ghana, the Scammer. He claimed to be in London, but his phone number was from Ghana. He sent me gifts from Napa Valley, then he turned around and wanted to "borrow" $900.00 dollars to help toward the purchase of a Laptop. Does it ring a bell?

    For all you know, she might be a he:) Wise up Michael!

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    1 decade ago

    Oh please .. You are probably being scammed

    they have to go to the US consulate to apply for a visa ....they will be denied

    you of course will be invited to pay for it ..its $140 they will suggest more

    and the money requests just keep coming

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    4 years ago

    I am an Albanina Citizen, staying in Albania . I am pregnant. I intend to deliver my baby in US. I would like to know whether my baby will get US citizenship, if I deliver in US, exactly in Florida City ? I would like to know the cost involved in delivering a baby in US, Florida

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