How to get a swirl inside of handmade soap?

How do I make a swirl inside the middle of the soap like this one from etsy:

I don't want the top swirls I just want one big swirl inside of the soap.

Do I just pour two different colors into each other?

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    Hi there!

    Swirls are tricky, because they are very difficult to duplicate. Very few soapcrafters pour their soap at exactly the same temperature each time they make a loaf, and temperature can really affect how the swirls turn out. Thicker pours (usually at lower temperatures) result in thicker bands of swirling, whereas thinner (hotter) pours will give you thinner, wispier bands of swirls. Your pouring technique will also affect your swirling.

    To make the swirl seen at that Etsy site, I suggest this. First you have to make a swirling tool, because using a whisk, or fork, or anything usual, is not going to give you that one big "wave" look. You need an "L" shaped tool, whose bottom of the "L" is almost as long as your mold. I would suggest using a wire coat hanger. Straighten it out, and bend it at a right angle. The bottom of the "L" is going to go the length of your mold, creating one big horizontal rod in the middle of your loaf. The vertical side will be your handle. You may even want to form a loop at that end so it's easier to hold on to.

    Now it's time to make your batter. Divide it in half, and tint each half to a color you like. Pour half of one soap into the bottom of a rectangular mold, NOT taking too much care really to make it pretty or even, just as long as it covers the whole bottom. Then pour half of the other color over it. Continue alternating until everything is in the mold

    Holding the "Up and Down" side of the "L" shaped tool, slide it into your mold along one of the long sides-- right against the mold so that you disturb your soap as little as possible. Then, imagine that bottom edge of the "L" being like an axle on a car, and make it "spin" in your soap, in a BIG CIRCLE, by lifting and turning the vertical side of the "L." You may want to do a few circles, to really make sure that swirl forms. End where you began. Lift it out again, being sure to drag it up the edge of your mold so as not to disturb your newly created swirl.

    You won't know it's worked until you unmold it and slice it. After one trial, you should get a better idea of how many turns you need to make, and whether you want to pour thinner, thicker, or with more/less alternating additions of each color. Take detailed notes so that you can really perfect your technique with practice.

    Happy swirling! Take a peek at a swirl I did last week. It's pictured on my blog:

    Source(s): I'm a member of - and know that they have lots of good information. The info I gave is just from personal experience.
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    I made a marbled cheesecake with the same effect. use 2 different colors in the soap and cut through it with a knife blade(nothing larger). follow instructions in recipe for idea on mixing gl

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