(Girls only) Child dating a man?

I'm just curious, not trying to offend anyone(seriously, I'm usually direct so i dont mean to bash anyone if i do) but if a lesbian couple gets married and decides to have a child that turns out to be a girl, and that child grows up into a teen that dates a guy,will they have any hesitations about it? I'm guessing the expected answer would be something like: "Lesbians are discriminated by some for their sexual orientation so theres no way theyd do the same ot their child" but just beign realistic for a second, would you give the guy an extra glance every now and then? would you have any trouble if he was a bad boy type or if you found out they were having sex(assuming shes of legal age of course) plz I'd like some detailed answers,it's been on my mind all day.(and thats not just a coincidence why, I am 18 ya know)

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    It's a good question. Well you get many different types of people around. A heterosexual marriage just assumes their child is also going to be straight, it is the dominant view. Then if the child is gay they either accept it or disapprove. Something similar happens in a lesbian marriage. Of course we are aware that our child is going to very likely be straight, I would never push views onto them. So lets say then that we had a straight daughter, no problem with that. I do not hate men or anything, they just aren't sexually appealing. I would have hesitation just as any heterosexual parents would, it is your baby girl! So yes I would be worried, I would also be worried about any girls she brought home if she were lesbian though. I would just need to get to know the guy and mae sure he is kind hearted. As for sex, I would encourage my daughter to go on the pill no matter what her sexual orientation is. I'd also hope they use condoms though if she is with a guy. No parent wants to know that their child is sexually active, they hope that they stay pure for as long as possible. And I mean that if they are straight or gay too. As for age wise, there would be a limit, I'd say while she is in her teens 5 years older is the absolute limit, teenagers grow a lot in those few years, they're mind age at 16 and again at 21 is extremely different so it wouldn't be appropriate if the age gap was too big, in my opinion.

    Whew, I hope that answers your question!

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    I find that maturity in a male is often lacking at the age your speaking of. A 23 or 24 year old man or woman should never try dating up a 16 or younger person as they have laws in this country on that. In those cases, it is not about love or sex but the fact they can control a person by manipulation as the girl or guy who is younger does not know better. The relationships are often "kept secret" which shows how bad they can be. I am sorry about your step father, as those type of people should never be called men anyways. They should be kept in cages where animals like that belong. The lolita syndrome is fast becoming a huge problem in this country as many people choose to ignore it. Teen aged prostitutes have never been seen in the numbers they are today and child rapes by family and non family members are steadily increasing. Why do you think this is? Because the family unit has been under assault since the 1960's and we are starting to feel the effects of free love and love the one your with syndrome without conscience. When someone does not value the innocence of another over his or her own selfish needs, there will be problems and those problems usually haunts those children for the rest of their lives.

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    I cannot speak for all lesbians but I can speak for myself. I think it is a common misconception that all lesbians are man haters. I don't hate men, in fact I love them - as friends. I know how difficult it has been for my partner and me in this society, and I would never wish the same on a child of mine. I would have an issue with any partner of my child's that isn't treating him / her well, whether they are of the same or the opposite sex. I would want my children to be straight just because it would be easier for them, but if they happen to be gay I will accept them for who they are.

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    I'm sure the parents would be fine with it , because odds are they know alot of people who are straight. There is more straight couples than there are gay couples. And as for the "bad boy" thing, every mother has trouble with that. lol. and they would probabley handle the sex issue like any other parent. You know the STD/Condom talk. lol. hoped i helped. =]

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    her parents came to a phase where their family and the society tries to question what they are, so i think the parent will be understanding. her parents too should be discussing about heterosexuals and gays while the child is growing up.

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