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Can I use my debit card in Japan to withdraw money from ATMs in Japan?

Okay, so my friend's mom is really freaking me out. I'm in Japan right now, and I have enough money to last a while but I purposely did not withdraw all of it. In order to get by towards the end of my trip I have to be able to withdraw money from the ATM. Worse comes to worse my mom can mail it. Before I left for my trip I put my mom's name on my checking account, which is linked to my ATM card. I also alerted TD Bank that I would be in Japan, and I know they registered it.

Anyway...so my friend's mom was saying because my card does not have a "plus" or "star" on it, then I won't be able to use it.

But the thing is that my debit card is Visa and TD Bank would have told me if I couldn't use it, right?

What kind of ATMs can I use it at? Any ATM? Or does it have to be a specific kind?

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    I have TD bank and I am using the card in Japan. You should be able to use the card any ATM with the PLUS logo. Even though it does not have the PLUS logo mine still works. If you need cash, I usually use 7-11 ATM the most and I have never been charged a fee. You may also use Japan post, CitiBank, HSBC, SMBC (japanese bank). These are the ATMS I frequent with the least amount of trouble.

    Remember your daily limit is 50,000 Yen.

    There are some ATMS that will reject your card but I have had no trouble with the above listed and I live here with the same TD Bank Debit card only (not credit) Visa.

    Most stores that accept Visa have accepted it no problem so far as well. But when in doubt, always carry some cash in Japan. Its unlikely it would ever be stolen.

    Source(s): I have the same ATM card I use it Japan
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  • Diane
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    4 years ago

    Sorry, this feature is not available anywhere in Japan. In fact, it is not possible to pay for your purchase by either credit or debit card. Japan is still a cash society. The only choice for foreigners who run out of money is to go to the local postoffice, or a branch of CitiBank. where they can use their debit or credit cards to get local currency. Remember that each time you make a purchase and add cash back in the US, you are charged a withdrawal fee. To reduce the number of withdrawal fees, you should exchange about enough money so you will have 50,000 yen when you arrive in Japan. Then, if you run out, you will only need to make 2 or 3 additional withdrawals depending on the length of your stay and spending habits.

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  • keeler
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    3 years ago

    Citibank Japan Atm

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  • 10 years ago

    Your ATM card doesn't have a PLUS, STAR or CIRRUS marking on the back of the card?

    THAT"s WIERD, I would suggest you look again, it should be on the back of the card. Bank cards do not work if they don't have either. It actually says PLUS / STAR not an actual "+" or "*" mark.

    International ATM cards will work only at ATMs that accept international cards.

    This includes:

    Post Office ATMs/JAPAN POST BANK ATMs found at any Post Office and major location.

    Citibank ATMs

    7-11 Convenience store ATMs

    Shinsei Bank ATMs work with Bank of America cards, I don't know about TD bank.

    Most other ATMs probably won't work with international cards. So I would stick to either citibank or the Post office.

    Note that at 7-11 ATMs you can only withdrawal in increments of 10,000yen, all other ATMs there you can withdrawal in increments of 1000yen.

    ALSO note your card might have a daily/weekly withdrawal limit (this is the maximum amount of money you can take out per/day, it doesn't matter how much money is in your account, most cards have a limit on how much you can take out per day, so check with your bank)

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  • 10 years ago

    Take it from someone who's actually been in japan. Its safer to have cash on you since a lot of places in japan only take cash still. But your ATM card should work, if you use it to withdraw money from the few stores and restaurants that actually accept ATM cards.

    I would not depend upon my mmother to mail me cash, if I was in an emrgency. If I need cash NOW, who knows how long it'll be before she bothers to go down to the post office to mail it off, and then who knows how long it'll be before it arrives. She might be cheap and mail it standard price.

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  • 10 years ago

    Heres a link that should answer your question. It should be up to date.


    As far as I understand it, you should be able to withdraw money at the atm at the post offices and a lot of the 7/11s that you find over there. I asked my friend about it (he is Canadian and has been working there for 7 years now) and its about $5/$6 a withdrawal (banks charge there as well as here).

    I would think your TD Debit card has the "Plus" on it? If not, definitely you can use your visa card there in the post offices atms, international atms and 7/11s. Check it out first tho.

    Remember... you have think about your withdrawals in yen not dollars :)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Almost all of ATM machines in town should deal with Visa even at any banks'.

    First change the browser into English (should be a button saying "English" at the corner of the browser), then use "credit card" to withdraw your money by using Visa account.

    In this case, Visa would charge you a commission fee so do not withdraw your money little by little.(They will charge the fee every time) TD Bank thing wouldn't work in Japan (could work at Citi Bank, but I am not really sure). But if your card also has an account at Visa, you can use it.

    It's more like you borrow money from Visa, then Visa would charge the amount you withdrew on your account, then will debit from your bank account later with the amount of shopping that you did with your Visa card if there's any. The rate would depend on the date you withdrew.

    Source(s): Japanese
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  • 10 years ago

    ATM's at the post office work. I have tried the others and they don't work. OR your bank will put a hold on the account because of the overseas transactions. But, the Post Office ATM's work 100%

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    4 years ago

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