Ouija Board Predictions/ Possession?

My friend had a Ouija board, and we would play with it on occasion but we never really got anywhere with it. Recently I was visiting my girlfriend and while in a book store I saw a Ouija board for sale and bought it because I thought it would be fun to try again. We drove back to her friends house and unwrapped it and began playing just me and her. We got instant powerful results, Speaking to many spirits, with the planchette moving different speeds for different spirits, some fast and some slower. One his father killed him in a fire. Another was a small girl killed by a train, playing on the tracks. One died from lung cancer, and I asked if he was married. "NO." Have a girlfriend? "NO" Boyfriend? "NO" "IM GOING TO KILL YOU" "IM NOT GAY" "GOODBYE" Well that kind of spooked us and I learned to be courteous and never say anything to piss off a spirit...

Later that night just me and my girlfriend tried it, we spoke to a man killed in WW2. It was normal conversation until suddenly without asking anything it moved "SHE WILL DIE" How will she die? "HE WILL KILL HER" Who? "(spelt the name of her ex) When? "1 Week". This really freaked my girlfriend out and we stopped.

The next night we went to an abandoned mental hospital infamous as a haunted place. As soon as we crossed the gate we all felt an indescribable dark energy vibrating through all of us. We approached a burned out building, door off the hinges, wet ashes puddled on the floor. She started for the rusted stairs, but stopped halfway. She said she felt someone grabbing her, pulling her up to the next floor. Later she confessed she saw a tall gangly woman with long black hair at the top of the stair. As she started down she tripped, I caught her and she cursed the spirit for "pushing her". We set up the Ouija board on a table we found on the first floor. Her and I laid knelt and laid hands on the board. I greeted the spirits, they responded "HI" I asked the name, and my GIRLFRIEND responded "Sara." Her eyes were black, her expression like a gravestone. I asked further questions but she never answered. Instead she said things like "I Seeeee Youuuuu" In a mocking, childish tone. My friend was really freaking out at this point so I boxed up the board and we made our exit. As we were walking toward the gate she said things like "I've never been this far out of the yard." And "We're not supposed to leave the gate! They won't let us out!" Then she began singing this demonic children's song I've tried to find it online but I can't find any trace of it. It was just like a childrens primary song but the words were all wrong. Singing about "playing in satan's house" "satan's wings" I wish I could remember I tried to record it but I didnt push the button. As we got further away she shook her head like she was awaking from a trance. When we asked her she said she couldnt remember what happened... she admitted she was possessed. We set down in the dirt road and played again. Once again it spelt "SHE WILL DIE". We asked how long she has to live, "6 days".

Later we went to a graveyard, but it felt different there. Like being in a church. The Ouija board didnt work, I figure because cemetaries are holy ground.

So that's my Ouija experience. I'm scared for her well being, what if the prediction is true? What should I do? They were warning me I know it...

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    Here is how Ouija boards work:

    the tiny, unconscious movements in your fingers direct the planchette. It is impossible to keep the hand perfectly still, and the planchette amplifies the tiny movements.

    As for what it spells out, it will move in the direction you think it will. You (and the person you are playing with) start forming words and sentences in your mind, and the planchette will follow. It makes coherent sense because you are watching it as it spells things out, and it just goes with your thoughts (consciously, or unconsciously).

    It spells out things about spirits and death and creepiness, because that is what you expect it to do, based on the silly stories and movies you have been exposed to.

    Try this: think a word, and put your hands on the planchette. Don't try to move your hands, and don't try to hold them still, just relax them. Think the word over and over. Watch it spell out the word.

    Or try this:

    have your friends put on tight blindfolds and use the board. Ask questions, and watch the answers, but don't tell your blindfolded friends what it is spelling out as it goes along. It will be gibberish. Try it for yourself.

    It is possible you could contact a spirit with the Ouija board, but they probably have better things to do than entertain you and your friends by describing how they died. I certainly hope that's not how I will spend my own afterlife, how about you?

    As for your posessed friend: Do you know that there are some religions which actually practice voluntary possession? They TRY to become possessed by the spirits that they honor, and sometimes it takes years of spiritual practices for someone to be able to get to the level of full body possession that you claim your friend went into automatically, and they are trying to do so.

    Your friend was probably faking, because she is drama queen and wanted the attention, or because she wanted to freak you out, or else YOU are a drama queen who wants attention, or to freak people out, and are lying about what happened.

    Ouija boards can actually be useful spiritual tools, if you use it to get in touch with your OWN subconscious, and get to know yourself better, rather than playing around talking to spirits which probably don't even exist.

    Source(s): Divination has been a huge interest of mine for many years, and I have worked as a professional Tarot card reader, as well as teaching classes about Divination, and interpretation of symbols and omens. I've used Ouija, along with a lot of other tools, and I don't think it's very useful in the way that people normally play with it, neither do I think that it's particularly dark or evil, it's just another tool, and sometimes a toy.
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  • April
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    4 years ago

    Oh man, you guys did some stupid ****. It's never a wise idea to go around contacting spirits who are potentially dangerous. Will this particular girl mentioned die? Maybe. The spirits know things. Not always, but sometimes. But they also tend to lie, especially if they're more malignant energies. They like to freak you out and mess with you. I honestly think you guys should have used some sort of protection. Chances are, if you'd cast a protective circle or said a prayer or anything no one would have been possessed. I recommend cleansing the board with sage or holy water if you intend to use it again.

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  • Jeremy
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    10 years ago

    You can buy Ouija boards at Toys R Us...nuff said.

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  • 10 years ago

    You guys are playing with fire. I can't believe you continually played it after the responses you got. My best advice to you is to stop, throw away the Ouija board and turn to God.

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    10 years ago

    wall of text = 2 points for me

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