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Do you know which corporations support La Raza?

I would recommend boycotting each and every one of these traitors. The biggest being:






tonalc2 - Thanks for saving me the time typing all those. Don't forget Wells Fargo.

Update 2:

Sci Fi Fan - Thanks, that is disturbing lol.

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    this is the list dude.....

    looks like they duplicate alot of em to make it seem like there is

    The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) recognizes those corporations that have invested in NCLR’s long-term strategic efforts with multiyear, multimillion-dollar commitments, including NCLR’s Empowering An American Community Campaign.

    The Allstate Corporation

    Bank of America

    The Coca-Cola Company


    Fannie Mae

    Freddie Mac

    Ford Motor Company

    General Motors Corporation

    MBNA Corporation

    PepsiCo Foundation

    The PMI Group, Inc.

    State Farm Insurance Companies



    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    Corporate Partners Program

    The National Council of La Raza invites corporations large and small and Hispanic entrepreneurs to join in its mission to empower current and future generations of Hispanic Americans. To review the benefits offered to Corporate America for supporting NCLR’s critical work, please click here.

    We encourage individual Hispanic entrepreneurs to become an NCLR partner as well. Partners like you have firsthand knowledge of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve the American Dream. We would deeply appreciate your involvement in our institution and welcome your membership participation.

    Amerada Hess Corporation

    American Airlines

    Anheuser-Busch Companies

    AstraZeneca International


    Azteca Foods, Inc.

    Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund

    Caterpillar Foundation

    Chevron Corporation

    ConAgra Foods, Inc.

    Coors Brewing Company

    The Cummins Foundation

    DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund

    Eastman Kodak Company

    ExxonMobil Corporation

    Greenberg Traurig, LLP

    Guaranty Bank

    Hallmark Cards, Inc.

    Johnson & Johnson

    The Kroger Co.

    McDonald’s Corporation

    MetLife Foundation

    Mortgage Insurance Company

    Sallie Mae

    Schneider National, Inc.

    Sears, Roebuck and Co.


    Starbucks Corporation

    Time Warner

    Washington Mutual, Inc.

    Wilmer Cutler Pickering, LLP

    Xerox Corporation

    Corporate Programmatic Supporters

    NCLR depends on our corporate partners for a variety of programmatic support in areas such as Education, Community Development, Health, Youth Leadership Development, Civil Rights and Advocacy, Workforce Development, and Affiliate Member Services.


    Chevron Corporation

    Lockheed Martin

    Lucent Technologies Foundation

    Marathon Oil Corporation

    Rockwell Automation

    State Farm Insurance Companies

    Toyota Motor Corporation

    Verizon Communications, Inc.

    >Housing and Wealth Building

    The Allstate Corporation

    Chase Home Finance

    Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

    E*TRADE Financial

    Fannie Mae

    Freddie Mac

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

    Wells Fargo & Company

    Washington Mutual, Inc.


    Belrex Inc.

    Eli Lilly and Company

    Metropolitan Life

    Novo Nordisk

    Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

    Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

    PepsiCo Foundation

    Workforce Development

    American Express Company

    Ford Motor Company

    The Home Depot, Inc.

    PepsiCo Foundation

    Youth Leadership Development

    The Allstate Corporation

    Exxon Mobil Corporation


    Marriott International, Inc.

    MBNA Corporation

    Sallie Mae

    Sodexho, Inc.

    Sprint Nextel Corporation

    U.S. Marine Corps

    Civil Rights and Advocacy

    The Allstate Corporation

    American Honda Finance Corporation

    Bank of America

    Chevron Corporation

    Freddie Mac

    The UPS Foundation

    WFS Financial Inc.

    Affiliate Member Services

    Ford Motor Company (NCLR Affiliate of the Year Award)

    Microsoft Corporation

    no wonder apple computers now outsell

    Source(s): done alot of reorganization of my accounts, product purchasing, choice of food growers, even the cars I drive........but it is cool now------and I do gigs for Uhaul.....who is against illegals.....
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    nicely, once you're going to do all of them, remember: Johnson & Johnson, monetary corporation of united statesa., PepsiCo, Citi, State Farm coverage organizations, Comcast Communications, UPS, and Verizon. Oh, and the Advisory Board also contains Allstate coverage, American airways, AT&T, Ford Motor employer, Chevron, time-honored turbines, time-honored autos, JC Penney, Kraft ingredients, Toyota, Prudential, Shell Oil, McDonald's, Time Warner, Miller/Coors. Please be happy to no longer use any of those issues. what's the large manage l. a. Raza? Oh, wait, they are Hispanic, and Hispanics are the hot "enemy of determination" of the right.

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    Well, if you're going to do all of them, don't forget:

    Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, PepsiCo, Citi, State Farm Insurance Companies, Comcast Communications, UPS, and Verizon.

    Oh, and the Advisory Board also includes Allstate Insurance, American Airlines, AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Chevron, General Mills, General Motors, JC Penney, Kraft Foods, Toyota, Prudential, Shell Oil, McDonald's, Time Warner, Miller/Coors.

    Please feel free to not use any of those products.

    What's the big deal with La Raza? Oh, wait, they're Hispanic, and Hispanics are the latest "enemy of choice" of the right.

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    These traitorous corporations should be boycotted!

    I wonder if the fools even know what they are supporting?!?

    Watch this! :

    Youtube thumbnail

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    They like the cheap labor.

    La Raza can lick my ball sack

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    Very shortly the population of Hispanics will be greater then the population of non hispanic whites in America. Some xeniphobic non hispanic whites are afraid and consider the change in demographics an "invasion", nobody is "invading". The country is changing and unfortunately Hatred is growing among some people. Just face it we'll soon take over this nation, Hispanics will be the majority and you cant stop it, no matter what! And yes spanish will be the language of this nation.

    People in the US from all spanish speaking country's need to unite. People of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Cuba, and Dominican Republic.

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    Thank you

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    coca-cola hires felons too

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    I thank you as well.

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