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I have proof that the US used their B-Team at the 2009 Gold Cup and Mexico used their A-Team?

Mexico's Gold Cup Squad:

1 GK Guillermo Ochoa

2 DF Jonny Magallón

3 DF Ismael Rodríguez

4 DF Edgar Dueñas

5 DF Fausto Pinto

6 MF Gerardo Torrado

7 MF Alberto Medina

8 MF Israel Castro

9 FW Omar Bravo

10 FW Guillermo Franco

11 FW Carlos Vela

12 GK José de Jesús Corona

13 MF Pablo Barrera

14 FW Miguel Sabah

15 DF José Antonio Castro

16 FW Carlos Esquivel

17 MF Giovani Dos Santos

18 FW José María Cárdenas

19 MF Luis Miguel Noriega

20 MF Israel Martínez

21 DF Juan Carlos Valenzuela

22 DF Efraín Juárez

23 GK Óscar Pérez

Mexico's World Cup squad:

1 GK Óscar Pérez

13 GK Guillermo Ochoa

23 GK Luis Ernesto Michel

2 DF Francisco Javier Rodríguez

3 DF Carlos Salcido

4 DF Rafael Márquez

5 DF Ricardo Osorio

12 DF Paul Aguilar

15 DF Héctor Moreno

16 DF Efraín Juárez

19 DF Jonny Magallón

20 DF Jorge Torres Nilo

6 MF Gerardo Torrado

8 MF Israel Castro

18 MF Andrés Guardado

7 MF Pablo Barrera

9 FW Guillermo Franco

10 FW Cuauhtémoc Blanco

11 FW Carlos Vela

14 FW Javier Hernández

17 FW Giovani dos Santos

21 FW Adolfo Bautista

22 FW Alberto Medina

Hmmm...looks familiar doesn't it?

Here's the US Gold Cup squad:

1 GK Troy Perkins

2 DF Heath Pearce

3 DF Clarence Goodson

4 DF Chad Marshall

5 MF Kyle Beckerman

6 DF Steve Cherundolo

7 MF Robbie Rogers

8 MF Logan Pause

9 FW Charlie Davies

10 MF Stuart Holden

11 FW Brian Ching

12 DF Jimmy Conrad

13 MF Colin Clark

14 DF Michael Parkhurst

15 MF Sam Cronin

16 DF Jay Heaps

17 FW Kenny Cooper

18 GK Luis Robles

19 MF Freddy Adu

20 FW Santino Quaranta

21 MF Brad Evans

22 MF Davy Arnaud

23 GK Jon Busch 18

Now World Cup squad:

1 GK Tim Howard

18 GK Brad Guzan

23 GK Marcus Hahnemann

2 DF Jonathan Spector

3 DF Carlos Bocanegra

5 DF Oguchi Onyewu

6 DF Steve Cherundolo

12 DF Jonathan Bornstein

15 DF Jay DeMerit

21 DF Clarence Goodson

4 MF Michael Bradley

7 MF DaMarcus Beasley

8 MF Clint Dempsey

10 MF Landon Donovan

11 MF Stuart Holden

13 MF Ricardo Clark

16 MF José Francisco Torres

19 MF Maurice Edu

22 MF Benny Feilhaber

9 FW Herculez Gomez

14 FW Edson Buddle

17 FW Jozy Altidore

20 FW Robbie Findley

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    I also have proof of something ...

    Mexico 5 U.S.A 0

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    Mexico 2 U.S.A 1

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    Source(s): hey MFS Mexican users lets just say "+2" and dont argue with these faggots
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    Source(s): 5-0
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    how many of those guys in the mexico 2009 squad are actually starters today

    just Torrado, Dos Santos, Juarez, Vela and Conejo but he sucks It is true usa did use a b team but mexico used its subs with like 4 starters and all of them except franco dos santos and vela played in the domestic league just like the usa's b team this only proves that the mexican league is better than the mls

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    unquestionably we are able to even deliver our c d e f g h I j ok... team and we nevertheless have a raffle of triumphing. yet while México happens to lose. i'm going to pull a Gringo it became our c team blah blah blah. despite if that's the two the 1st or the 2d there is not any third

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    yeah mexico called up players that had never played in the national team before and most of them did a great job and won a spot in th qualifiers US did that too but only some of theyre players show potential ha wo you tried to hard to get an excuse

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    Thats funny dos Santos ,Vela, and Juarez prooved to be part of el Tri

    At that time we didnt want them but they prooved they should

    Source(s): Mexico USA 2-1
  • wow four of the mexican players are starting in the wc +2 8====> and its a little too late

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    Aguirre was testing them to see which one's would go to the wc, and most of them proved to him that they should......Besides, last time the mexico and usa's "a teams" played, Mexico won 2-1, member ;)

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    well on the World Cup Qualifying we still beat the USA so we still better

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    First, who the fock gives a $hit about 2009.

    Second, to me and the rest of the world the U.S has no A team or B team, its just a B team.

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