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Why is everyone leaving the Big 12?

Nebraska and Colorado have already left. Texas, Kansas, Kansas St. and other schools are probably going to leave. What's so bad about the Big 12. Why are all these schools leaving?

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    Money. Money is the driving force behind all college sports.

    The big football schools can make more money by leaving the Big 12 and going to a super conference.

    If the Pac 10 suddenly becomes the Pac 16 or something then those big football teams will get a huge t.v. contract, and the smaller schools will be left out.

  • diep
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    they arent. (anymore). A&M become going to get 38 million contained in the SEC. Texas did not elect a&M contained in the SEC for a spread of motives. I dont even comprehend how the convention can stay which comprise tExas getting 25 million and a television community. A&M and oU getting 20 million and something else of the convention getting 15 million.

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