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Middle name suggestions for this unusual IRISH boy name?

I have recently fallen in love with the boy name Lorcán. It's simple to pronounce actually, [lor-can]. Just like it's spelt. I like the meaning of the name also, and it fits in nicely with some of the other names I like. Sooooo, can you all help me out with some middle name suggestions?

I like:

--*Uncommon* old-fashioned names, nothing like John or whatnot.

--Straight up unusual names.

--Unisex names

Thanks for all the help. I am NOT looking for opinions on the name Lorcan, just middle name suggestions. Because honestly, you can't make me not like the name.

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    Lorcán Evander

    Lorcán Dimitri

    Lorcán Somerled

    Lorcán Aleksi

    Lorcán Ashley

    Lorcán Felix

    Lorcán Arthur

    Lorcán Wesley

    Lorcán Emeric

    Lorcán Alaric

    Lorcán Alastair

    Lorcán Viggo

    Lorcán Ambrose

    Lorcán Emrys

    Lorcán Falk

    Lorcán Valko

    Lorcán Aldemar

    Lorcán Henry

    Lorcán Wilbur

    Lorcán Oscar

    Lorcán Gaius

    Lorcán Gawain

    Lorcán Fionnbarr

    Lorcán Rupert

    Lorcán Isidore

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    How about:

    Lorcan Ossian - after the Gaelic Bard.

    Lorcan Fingal

    Lorcan Flynn

    Lorcan Clive

    Lorcan Rove

    Lorcan Columba

    Lorcan Fergus

    Lorcan Jock

    Lorcan Redmond

    Lorcan Desmond

    Lorcan Hugh

    Lorcan Padraic

    Lorcan Alistair

    Lorcan Simeon

    James Lorcan (Jim)

    Patrick Lorcan (Patsy - VERY Irish - my Patrick ancestors were all called Patsy)

    Lorcan Olaf

    Lorcan Claiborne - a 'clover' name

    Lorcan Cobham - same

    Lorcan Cedric

    Lorcan Ben Nevis

    Lorcan Fitzpatrick

    Lorcan Kelly

    Lorcan O'Rielly

    Lorcan Enda

    Lorcan I love. It's very interesting and attractive.

    I would have no hesitation in using it.

    I also love Lachlan (Lachy - Lok-i) and Lochlan.

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    Lorcán Eldridge

    Lorcán Abram

    Lorcán Jersey

    Lorcán Sinclair

    Lorcán Ruslan {ROOSS-luhn}

    Lorcán Erasmus

    Lorcán Salem

    Lorcán Elmore

    Lorcán Espy

    Lorcán Felix

    Lorcán Johannes {YO-han}

    Lorcán Santiago {san-tee-AA-goe}

    Lorcán Evander

    Lorcán Ambrose

    Lorcán Jeffers

    Lorcán York

    Lorcán Yale

    Lorcán Riley

    Lorcán Blue

    Lorcán Baudelaire {BOE-duh-lair}

    Lorcán Embry

    Lorcán Russell

    Lorcán Fischer

    Lorcán Harvard

    Lorcán Indiana

    Lorcán Valentine

    Lorcán Kennedy

    Lorcán Mackenzie

    Lorcán Reed

    Lorcán Chase

    Lorcán Cadence

    Lorcán Cassidy

    Lorcán Adair

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    Lorcan Levi

    Lorcan Doyle

    Lorcan Graham

    Lorcan Griffin

    Lorcan Percival

    Lorcan Jarvis

    Lorcan Heinrich

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    Novaela Xandria Novaela Zinnia or Zara Novaela Violet Novaela Artemis Novaela Eve Novaela Andromeda Novaela Skye Bellamy Willow Bellamy Eve Bellamy Rose Bellamy Briar Bellamy Olive Bellamy Luna Bellamy Haven Indigo Wyatt Indigo Elliot Indigo Quinn Indigo Oliver Indigo Cassius Indigo Silas Indigo Luke or Lux Indigo Xander Indigo Cieran

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    How about:

    Lorcán Otto

    Lorcán Oliver

    Lorcán August

    Lorcán Amos

    Lorcán Wesley

    Lorcán Silas

    Lorcán Ellis

    Lorcán Emory

    Lorcán Abram

    Lorcán Bennett

    Lorcán Isadore

    Lorcán Hugh

    Lorcán Julius

    Lorcán Milo

    Lorcán Cedric

    Oh, I think it's really cool! I love Irish names, but I had never heard that one.

    Hope this helps!

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    Luna Lovegood named one of her sons Lorcan, I just thought I'd mention that as it makes me like the name.

    Lorcan Grey

    Lorcan Roan

    Lorcan Carlisle {not Twi-inspired}

    Lorcan Finn

    Lorcan Gideon

    Lorcan Caspian

    Lorcan Grady


  • Anonymous
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    Technically it should be pronounced lor-kawn. Since there is an accent over top of the A. if you get rid of the accent then it would be pronounced lor-can. Anyways. A couple nice middle names I like with it are

    Lorcan Rhys

    Lorcan Dòvley (daw-vlee)

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    How about:

    Lorcan Berlin

    Lorcan Jerard (pronounce wit the second r)

    Lorcan Brooklyn

    Lorcan Chase

    Lorcan Chance

    Let me know if you like any of these and good luck.

  • 10 years ago

    Lorcan Connor fits perfectly and sounds very handsome for a beautiful handsome little baby boy...:o) I love Irish names..:o)

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